Olympic Bobsledder Johnny Quinn on 'Quinning'

Quinn's now infamous bathroom breakout sparked an internet sensation called #Quinning.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Bobsledder Johnny Quinn on 'Quinning'
Good morning, America! Johnny Quinn, had to show you that again. Loved that moment. He, of course, the American bobsledder making quite a name for himself in sochi before even competing. Johnny Quinn sparked a social media craze by busting out of his bathroom, the hashtag for it, quinning. We have more from Matt Gutman in sochi. Matt. Reporter: Good morning, well, quinning, that's the art of busting something out that you can pretty much Quinn anything. Aagh! That was not the effect I was going for but the picture of Johnny Quinn doing that encapsulated all that was wrong in sochi, all that was broken and made him a household name. Bobsledder Johnny Quinn is probably the first olympian to deliver a breakthrough performance before ever competing and it all started in a bathroom. Just went to take a shower and I get out to go check the door so I can get a towel. When I get there, it's locked. Reporter: To get the full understanding of his next move, a recreation. So we're going to work on the technique here and try to show folks at home in case they're locked in a bathroom door what to do to get out. Come in with a hulk smash so at this point you want to have a hole big enough you can check through and maybe a handle you can reach. Reporter: How much times did you have to ump the thing? Probably -- I don't remember. A few times in order to make a hole wide enough so, you know, if you get stuck in this situation, it's unfortunate but you got to get out. Reporter: Turns out the 30-year-old former NFL football player's bobsled training pushing a 400 pound sled from zero to 30 miles an hour in five seconds is also perfect for exploding through doors. It takes a lot of strength so we spend a lot of time in the weight room. Reporter: His here's Johnny momented retweeted at least 25,000 times turning him into a sochi social media sensation with the meme quinning. There's quinning the cereal box, the envelope and the wine bottle. Even a busted door monument at the university of north Texas, Quinn's alma mater. Then another quintessentialally sochi moment. He gets stuck in an elevator. I was like, he's staging this. This is a joke. This is a prank. You know, these are two situations that truly could happen to anyone anywhere. It just happened to me at the olympics in a short time frame. Reporter: Even the incredible hulk of bobsledding couldn't get that one open. I learned in my tutorial if you're stuck in a bathroom do not use your fist, use the flat part of your hand, now tomorrow out on the bobsled course we'll get to see him do something other than busting through doors, he's going to be coarsing through that 80 -- that icy tube at 80 miles an hour. Should be just as exciting. Now, just to redeem myself I actually brought a second bag. Go, go, go. Oh. Oh. Se Russian chips are made very strong. Oh. There's no seam here. Yeah, right. Sure, Matt. Our own Johnny Quinn. Thanks, Matt. No gold medal for me. Put yourself in a position to succeed. Give yourself a little --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Quinn's now infamous bathroom breakout sparked an internet sensation called #Quinning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22614544","title":"Olympic Bobsledder Johnny Quinn on 'Quinning'","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-bobsledder-johnny-quinn-quinning-22614544"}