One-Legged Iraq War Vet Lives Pro Wrestling Dream

Chris Melendez's dream of getting in the ring almost came to an end after losing his leg in an explosion at age 19.
2:25 | 08/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One-Legged Iraq War Vet Lives Pro Wrestling Dream
Well an army veteran from New York City is living his dream out this morning Christopher -- -- -- left leg during his tour of duty in Iraq but it hasn't stopped him. From taking a chance chance at living out his dream. Are becoming a professional wrestler making -- our favorite story. Of the day here's ABC's rob Nelson. It was Christopher Melendez his first night in the ring as a pro -- but by no means was it his greatest fight. And -- wanted to be a very you know entertaining a crowd being on the stage just you know. Captivating audiences his dreams of a wrestling career almost came to an end in Iraq in 2006. Keeps clearing and I see that the from a contentious leg. And then I make connection like wow that someone's leg but what's going on and I feel around and then I realized when I could feel its mind and it's not good enough so mr. in the senate like man -- in trouble -- -- just nineteen years old and explosion calls Chris his leg. Inspired at age seventeen to join the military after 9/11. His patriotism. Had come with a price I felt like someone brought the fight to my front door to my home and I -- to -- my country and my city. It was a tough recovery but Chris. Is a new Yorker. I like to our credit a lot for the fact that I'm in new Yorker and I don't waste any time and I have to hurry up remarkably in just forty days -- who's been awarded a purple heart stood tall yet again. This time on a prosthetic leg. And 2012 he began training in Florida his pro wrestling dreams backbone you -- -- find a silver lining always in turn adversity and opportunity on -- being a new dad Chris has now signed a multiyear deal with TNA the second largest pro wrestling group in the world. And taped his first matches this week in Manhattan. He's the first ever MPT. War veterans to enter the school if you have something than you think is debilitating. You have to realize -- you may only be holding yourself back and I want to help people realize their own potential. And for this war veteran inspired by what happened to America thirteen years ago it's only fitting that his television wrestling debut. Has been set for 9/11. Rob Nelson channel seven Eyewitness News. -- thanks to rob Nelson an incredible story of symbolism to on the day that he'll be back out there it's fantastic -- can you believe he was nineteen when he lost his leg -- Iraqi only had 23 more days left. In his tour in Iraq but. Talk about a horrible situation that he's turned -- Such great hope he has we're -- he's following his -- there.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Chris Melendez's dream of getting in the ring almost came to an end after losing his leg in an explosion at age 19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24899429","title":"One-Legged Iraq War Vet Lives Pro Wrestling Dream","url":"/GMA/video/one-legged-iraq-war-vet-lives-pro-wrestling-dream-24899429"}