Open Mike: Birthday Boy Saves Dogs' Lives

Instead of a birthday present, Ethan Katz wanted to help raise money to help animals.
2:44 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Open Mike: Birthday Boy Saves Dogs' Lives
Step up now, to the "Open Mike." Here we go, everybody. To the "Open Mike." The incredible 9-year-old who told his mom instead of a birthday present, he wanted to raise money to save dogs and cats lives. Ethan Katz. He raised enough money to rescue ten dogs. Welcome Ethan and his mom and sister, Zoe. And a few furry friends. Hello. How are you doing, Ethan? Good. What made you want to save animals instead of getting a gift for your birthday? Well, I have two dogs at home. And I love them both so much. And other dogs, too. And my grandmother fosters dogs. And my whole family, pretty much. This is like a family passion that you all have. Yes. Were you surprised, Lisa, with his request. A little surprised he didn't want a toy or gift or something. This is just who he is. Zoe, you're the sister, of course. What did your brother request of you? Did he say, you have to help me feed? You have to help me design the shirts? He didn't ask me to help at all. He got it all under control. He's got it under control. Ethan, what a sweet family, huh? Well behaved the dogs are, too. This is good. This is good. Why do you love dogs so much? What's your favorite thing about a dog or a pet? Well, if you're -- one thing, if you're upset, my dog, Brooklyn, can make you feel better every day. You're melting my heart over here, man. You're going to make me break down and cry. We understand that you're a big, big Lego fan. And we know you give so much to others on your birthday. That we here at "Gma," we got a little birthday present for you, Ethan. Big Lego fan, man, do you need some help? I'll help you. We didn't realize your arms were short. There's a lot to hold here, buddy. And "Gma," we're going to make a special donation in your name to the shelter, which you helped. The charity, the place that you help save these dogs, the city dog rescue. Is that okay? Yep. Help you with your mission? Yep. An incredible story. And if you get a chance, go out there and help out animals. Take Ethan's lead. Coming up, the "Deals &

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Instead of a birthday present, Ethan Katz wanted to help raise money to help animals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24313192","title":"Open Mike: Birthday Boy Saves Dogs' Lives","url":"/GMA/video/open-mike-birthday-boy-saves-dogs-lives-24313192"}