Oprah Announces Food Line with Kraft Heinz

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
2:33 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for Oprah Announces Food Line with Kraft Heinz
Welcome back, everyone. Time now for our big board. Mara schiavocampo and Dr. Besser are here at the table and we want to start with Oprah Winfrey, from media mogul to food mogul, the billionaire has announced plans to launch a new line of food products in a joint venture with Mac and cheese and ketchup giant Kraft Heinz. Dr. Besser, Mara, great to have you. Mara, let's start with you. Any time Oprah puts her stamp on something people's antennas go up. She's getting into the food business and see if she can bring her magic to grocery stores partnering with Kraft Heinz to release a line of ready to eat refrigerated products. They're calling it mealtime story, really cute name and has a social component as well and they will donate 10% of profits to charities that help stop hunger and release more details throughout the year. They said it is all part of their mission to make healthy food available to more people. Which is great. Everybody has been following Oprah's transition and weight loss but also this -- these two huge brands who are merging here. What kind of impact could have on them? Oprah is associated with weight loss because of her partnership with weight watchers and lost more than 40 pounds. She is known for the Oprah effect. We've known the Oprah effect over the years with her favorite things, her books but the flip side of that is people expect a lot from her. The bar is really high so has to be quality, healthy because now that's her mission and delicious because it's Oprah. Oprah can't make nondelicious food? I'm expecting it to tell me a story. It's called mealtime stories. You get a book and you get a book. You get dinner, you get dinner. I think we can anticipate what you'll say about this next question but what are your -- what's your perception, what is -- what do you think of mass produced food in general your thoughts? Yeah, on this I have to take a wait and see because what I tell people in terms of healthy eating is move away from processed foods. Eat real foods. Shop the perimeter of the store with fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein and fish. The problem with processed food a lot of the grains are very refined and gives you a big sugar boost and a lot of added salt, not much fiber and added sugar, so if you go processed food you have to read that label carefully. You know, Oprah is all about health so I'll be looking to see does she come out with a healthy line on the medical side we can stab behind. They just announced it so we have to keep our eye open. They'll put out more details. Everybody eager. I'm eagle ser taste it. Let's go. Bring the food out.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45084576","title":"Oprah Announces Food Line with Kraft Heinz","url":"/GMA/video/oprah-announces-food-line-kraft-heinz-45084576"}