Oregon Mall Shooting: Woman on Macy's Employee's Heroism

Jocelyn Lay, Allan Fonseca discuss moments after hearing gunshots in Clackamas Town Center.
3:15 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon Mall Shooting: Woman on Macy's Employee's Heroism
A hero in a shopping mall shooting. And the woman he saved from the gunfire, joslyn lane and allen fonseca. Joslyn, you were at the counter. You were talking to allen when you heard the gunshots. Tell me what happened next. We both just looked at each other and knew this was a serious situation. And it was a gunman. And we both just dove down underneath the lancome counter there for a little protection. And the gunfire just kept going off. And allen turned to me. And well, first, I was praying. I called out to the lord to ask him to protect us. And protect those people that were out in the mall, getting shot. And then, allen is my hero. He knew what to do. He said that we needed to evacuate. And he took me by the hand. And he led me down through the counter and down the escalator and out to safety. And this is what is amazing to me. He was my hero because he then turned to me, now that I know you're safe, I'm going to go back and help other people. I was very impressed with him, being a young man, and having such courage. Allen, that is incredible. You were safe. You got joslyn to safety. And you still felt like your job wasn't finished. Tell me what you did next. I'm sorry. I couldn't catch that. Could you repeat that, please. Tell me what it was like when you went back upstairs. Why did you go back to try to help others? You know, I've been asking that question to myself all night. And I really don't know the answer. All I know is that, I knew the exits to the doors. And I felt that if I knew how to get out of the mall and out to safety, then I should probably share that knowledge to everybody else that didn't know, like the shoppers who don't come here usually and don't know all the exits. So, I decided to go back up because I wanted to check to see if there was anybody in panic or didn't know where to go. So, that's why I went back. And I did it. Because I really wanted to save and help as many people as i could. What a remarkable young man. We saw your reunion this morning. You all just met again this morning after such an incredible night. Joslyn, what would have happened? What would you have done if allan hadn't been there? I probably just would have stayed there and probably had a little more fear because it's one of those situations where you've seen on previous shootings, that, you know, gunmen keep shooting and keep looking for different people. And I was just praying harder. It was my grand baby's first birthday yesterday. And of course, I want to be around. So, I would have huddled there and waited. And just hoped and prayed. Well, allan got you to safety. Allan, we want to thank you. And I know joslyn has for your act of heroism. So glad you're both safe. And wish your granddaughter a happy birthday. That young man is a real hero. To have made it to safety and gone back up. That's remarkable. Just incredible.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Jocelyn Lay, Allan Fonseca discuss moments after hearing gunshots in Clackamas Town Center.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17941604","title":"Oregon Mall Shooting: Woman on Macy's Employee's Heroism","url":"/GMA/video/oregon-mall-shooting-woman-heroic-act-macys-employee-17941604"}