Organ Donation Comes Full Circle for 2 Families

Janice MacKinnon donated her kidney to a California man whose son saved her own son's life nearly 10 years ago.
2:06 | 08/07/14

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Transcript for Organ Donation Comes Full Circle for 2 Families
Bill Millard is now carrying one of -- Keenan's kidneys the operation was a success. The journey an unlikely one. Well Victoria and didn't head my -- alliance carriers. Really appreciate. Doing a lot better here. This was Millard before the surgery. Today only four weeks later he's looking a lot healthier -- no longer hooked up to a dialysis machine. They told him a few years ago that he wouldn't live to see forty. And here is he's 49 he's still alive I don't know how but. Now he -- native of -- seventy. That we do -- still need to monitor his transplant the function of some that we do lifelong. That we we don't see why completely -- normal life once again. Nearly ten years ago Millard son Keylon suffered in ATV accident -- a large made the hard decision to donate his organs. His pancreas helps save the life of the then nineteen year old Petaluma boy named Jake McKean and and yes last month -- large it received a kidney from Jake's mother Janice. This diagram may help you understand it better. After the little arts lost their -- his pancreas was given to Jake Mike Keenan. Janice -- and his mother then donated her kidney to build -- art. More than 200 kidney transplants are performed every year here at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. This one was certainly one of the more unusual ones given the families involved. Symbol and one. His impressions. Having a functioning kidney is liberating to both Millard and his wife fish. We're gonna go somewhere and do something maybe take a -- and we -- knew anything like that at all. Because he would have to -- up to the machine on right. The next big event for these two families will be Jake's wedding which will happened on the one year anniversary. Of this latest transplant. In San Francisco Leann Melendez ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Janice MacKinnon donated her kidney to a California man whose son saved her own son's life nearly 10 years ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24878297","title":"Organ Donation Comes Full Circle for 2 Families","url":"/GMA/video/organ-donation-comes-full-circle-for-two-families-24878297"}