Oscar Nominations 2013: Sally Field Interview

Actress Sally Field excited about Academy Awards nomination for her performance in "Lincoln."
2:36 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for Oscar Nominations 2013: Sally Field Interview
Sally -- George Stephanopoulos congratulations. I don't think he's all right thank you what a great morning I know it's really I think you're out in LA -- -- out of the West Coast. Yes we're not in LA where where we're getting ready to these other award goes to clear how holding up Brad and yeah yeah I can be -- -- -- -- Well you ought to be -- not only you but everyone associated. With Lincoln leading the pack with twelve Oscar nominations. Yes yes I am I just. Really honestly east -- LA I don't play I I still can't believe I got the -- tell. Us. But we know how hard you work for it and and you seem to be a labor of love for everyone's. On this movie and and it must be so gratifying not only to get. The of the accolades from your fellow actors from everyone connected. Two did to -- to the Oscars and the Oscar nominations but also the country to see the country really catch on to this story. 88 billion -- amazing I I I honestly we're never happy experience I think again and I I don't know how I -- ice. I don't want -- habit be it might have been no longer in my confidence. Not an old days it ain't got -- and engaging experience all the way down aligned permanent married curtain back and Erica green flags. You can you know -- -- and -- -- -- -- even -- so many lives with this performance than men -- this this movie. How much did it change -- Dallas did you learn about Mary Todd Lincoln in that whole period. Well I learned. I -- I learned everything I mean I knew something about Mary from a long time ago because that I told -- so why didn't. All we -- Gary around the great Yoon Lee Harris apparently. What I would tonight -- need lady me but -- out of my Mary Todd Lincoln. I had always had a good my mind that how we tried to rethink the powder and I'd keep track plastic there was a lot that happening when there. I knew some things that -- when I doubt there and then and and really -- -- -- I'm. You know I hope you will always be imbedded in me everywhere and I haven't -- and not -- -- and honestly all the women. Uday and even then and now I do not not allowed it like the people who -- -- quite a bit brilliance and and the contributions drug -- -- -- well we are so happy for you and so happy for us to this passion project that you thought about for so long came through congratulations Sally. -- thank you.

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{"id":18180285,"title":"Oscar Nominations 2013: Sally Field Interview","duration":"2:36","description":"Actress Sally Field excited about Academy Awards nomination for her performance in \"Lincoln.\"","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-nominations-2013-sally-field-interview-18180285","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}