Jared Leto 'Role of a Lifetime' Led to Oscar Nod

The actor discusses his nomination for best supporting actor in "Dallas Buyers Club."
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jared Leto 'Role of a Lifetime' Led to Oscar Nod
-- -- On the phone just nominated for best supporting actor for his role in Dallas buyers club and -- tell us what it was like this is your first nomination so how personal congratulations. And how are you told about you're not. Like everyone else probably -- from and her. That you educate that we beginning jury duty and I get nominated for -- ethical that's -- there -- randomly in America only in America. I -- believe the judge is gonna give you pass maybe. I'm not -- Jared. He you know didn't do disappear into the roles and end this one was quite want to disappear -- into what is this role specifically media. -- rural life I hadn't made it domino mistakes yours and directed strict and -- loved art. Yesterday's terrible. So wonderful that the Matt -- stated he would -- very important nominated. And it happened the native best picture. -- -- Quote may have been so wonderful could be part of. Jared and congratulations also on the Golden Globe when I loved and what you said about your character Rayon. That's got to make it all the more special. Concert bringing the attention to this -- very powerful character. Yeah it would it would do really incredible things are represented -- this group. People who who largely Europe -- It was incredible each -- iceberg for people were bait -- For really horrible. That's perfect fifth that is that they were fighting the buttons. They are just that this it was nominated for her burden editing and her make -- -- pretty well though and a party got here. And how gratifying is it for everybody cheered knowing how long it -- To bring this. To -- that it took a lot of years a lot of people believing in this. They did it took about twenty years to get this this film it. That tiny little B think -- probably four million dollars testament do. The hard work and -- -- the people that they'll make. You report yourself and your music career why was this the film. And -- the role that brought you back to the big screen. Well you know over the past six speakers we've been touring the planet 32. -- Get more success than -- ever -- do is be possible. -- that was an incredible day. -- an alternate I didn't have what our company. You know I should probably make another film because security interpreted. Britain and the like. And I wanted to do what was left experience and I'm really grateful that this this beautiful story they might weigh -- on the -- do. To bring that archer but why did. Wonderful creatures who lose you know unfortunately. Addicted to drugs that dying of -- didn't. You know fighting for her life. Well it was a powerful role a powerful performance the powerful film -- Congratulations you go back to bed now I guess I'm Gerri Judy. -- -- --

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{"id":21555857,"title":"Jared Leto 'Role of a Lifetime' Led to Oscar Nod","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor discusses his nomination for best supporting actor in \"Dallas Buyers Club.\"","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-nominations-2014-jared-leto-interview-dallas-buyers-21555857","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}