Results in for Oscar Pistorious’ Psych Evaluation

The Blade Runner murder trial resumes after a month-long break.
4:46 | 06/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Results in for Oscar Pistorious’ Psych Evaluation
And we have breaking news in the Oscar Pistorius trial. The results of his psych test have been revealed, and what it means in the final stages of his trial. And "Gma" investigates the lit yum ion batteries, from phones to laptops, could they be causing fires, what you can do to protect yourself. The batteries in laptop. And Facebook, a lot of outrage, because the social network is admitting to a secret essential experiment. What the company is saying about playing with our emotions. Make us happy or sad. I was so upset. Those messages I was getting. I really like you. I like you too, David. But first, talk about the Oscar Pistorius trie Oscar Pistorius trial. Resume this is morning, the results of the psychological evaluation are in. And we are in South Africa with the latest. Good morning, Amy. Well, the Oscar Pistorius was thrown into chaos just six weeks ago when a defense witness testified that the blade runner suffered from generalized anxiety disorder. He had to undergo testing. And back in court today, listening as a panel of experts say he was not mentally incapacitated when he shot his girlfriend. Mr. Pistorius was capable of knowing the wrongfulness of his act and knowing in accordance. Reporter: After a 30-day mental evaluation, they find the blade runner was of sound mind. That's not in dispute. Reporter: If the report said he was mentally incapacitated, the trial would have ended and Pistorius sent to a mental hospital. Instead, they called the doctor who amputated his legs as a baby, trying to press the point it left him compromised on the night of the shooting. On his stumps, he's seriously vulnerable in a dangerous situation. With a severely impaired ability to flee, severely impaired ability to ward off danger without a weapon, and of fall if he put the stump down incorrectly. Reporter: The stumps made it difficult to move quickly, and in his word of events, he did not stumble. Do you think it's possible to walk in a pitch darkroom without falling? I would find it improbable. Reporter: Going back to who screamed that night, reeva or Oscar. And trying to show the witnesses who heard a woman scream were wrong. It's difficult to tell the difference between a man and a woman scream. And now to ABC news Dan Abrams. Everyone's been asking you, wow, is this a huge blow to the defense. You say, not really? Remember, the defense never claimed he was mentally incapacitated, and the prosecution never believed it. This was a strategic move by prosecutors to effectively say to the defense team, stop talking about his mental state. Don't mention it. It's not relevant in the context of the case. And this report, no surprise, both sides simply came forward and said, okay, we accept it. What does happen next in the trial? You're hearing a really important point now. Which is the scream, right? That's the testimony now. Because if these jurors believe that she was screaming in the house, impossible to figure out that there's not a conviction for murder. They're fighting, she's screaming, and he kills her, that's murder. If it's him screaming, and he sounded like a woman, as the defense is claiming, that could lead to some doubt as to whether there was a fight there. Such a crucial point. You're also hearing now -- How does the defense prove that? They can't. They just want the judge to have questions, some level of doubt. A big win. All right, don't talk about his psychological state, talk about his physical state which is relevant. All right, a lot more to see from South Africa. And now shocking new details

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"The Blade Runner murder trial resumes after a month-long break.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24361757","title":"Results in for Oscar Pistorious’ Psych Evaluation","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorious-murder-trial-results-athletes-psyche-evaluation-24361757"}