Oscar Pistorius Defense Attempts to Refute 'Ear-Witnesses'

Sound expert testifies about the alleged screams coming from the Olympic athletes' home the night of girlfriend's slaying.
1:51 | 07/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Defense Attempts to Refute 'Ear-Witnesses'
Now, we turn to the latest on the Oscar Pistorius murder trial this morning. The defense is questioning the credibility of the so-called ear witnesses who heard screams coming from the blade runner's house the night he shot his girlfriend. ABC's lama Hasan has our story. Reporter: Taking center stage in the courtroom this morning, the scream the night Oscar Pistorius shot and killed model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. Cow don't think it's possible without exception, to be able to identify a male and a female scream? One cannot be absolutely certain. Reporter: A sound expert saying earlier testimony from ear witnesses could be unreliable. The prosecutor gerrie nel hitting the point during cross-examination, that steenkamp was fearful during the fight with the blade runner. The deceased screamed because she feared for her life. That's abnormal scream. Yes. Reporter: Ear witnesses, so critical to this case, say they heard a woman's cry coming from Pistorius' home, like this neighbor. The female screams. It was blood-curdling. It was something that leaves you cold. Reporter: But another ear witness, who lived next to the paralympian, says she heard gunshots and then, a man wail. But in the voice of a man. Reporter: The state's case hedges on the couple having had a fight that night leading to the shooting. The defense trying to inject doubt into that version with his agent saying they had a serious relationship. What was the relationship like? For me, I would describe it as a loving and caring relationship. Reporter: The agent also testifying that just before the shooting, Oscar Pistorius was a global sports icon set to make five-times or six-times more money than he ever made, implying why would he risk it

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{"id":24376232,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Defense Attempts to Refute 'Ear-Witnesses'","duration":"1:51","description":"Sound expert testifies about the alleged screams coming from the Olympic athletes' home the night of girlfriend's slaying.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-murder-trial-defense-attempts-refute-ear-24376232","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}