Prosecutor to Pistorius: 'You Killed Reeva Steenkamp'

The prosecutor known as "the pitbull" gives tough cross examination of the Olympic runner.
2:29 | 04/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prosecutor to Pistorius: 'You Killed Reeva Steenkamp'
And it turned out -- -- stories on the stand and under fire. In -- that -- back of the courtroom Pretoria right now Matt. Morning George that's -- it was such -- withering cross examination that it triggered an angry outbursts from the stories and then more emotional breakdowns that prosecutor. Forcing him to watch that video of him shooting with a shotgun that watermelons saying the -- was the same as -- -- head -- this isn't the case of grief stricken lover but. -- murderer. The prosecution ruthlessly skewering the blade runner chilling video -- blasted -- -- watermelons. Prosecutor Jerry dale no as the people ruthlessly going for the jugular he -- the exact same fate. The bullet that went into. It image so graphic we had to -- and a woman look at a picture we until minted but what also -- -- -- Yes it's important but Christine camps mother -- able to look. Finally the judge putting it into the torture and -- -- remove this from discussing peace. Minutes earlier -- began his cross examination. Blasting away. Amendments that when you QB let's get on that -- did say yes. I ask you I shall be guilty was beaten -- But that -- but five long minutes elapsed before he finally broke the bathroom door down to find her bleeding out. Did the harrowing moment before. To see that room was broken some laws putting that in the book through us repeat stories describing the -- -- bloody scene in the bathroom. On his prosthetics he called for help. On the info and was to stunned confident -- asking for hope so hope -- come and hope. But couldn't -- -- -- the struggling to pick. Trying to resuscitate her that it does just that limited our way to food -- convinced their -- folks hoping this alludes so they could slow speeds Lewis. -- My fingers and amounts to -- food truck pretty. But I admire and amended those trying to stop the bleeding but. All was lost. -- George we expect this onslaught to continue possibly for days so far the prosecution has been. Hoping for the stories his emotional weak points -- we expect them to dissect his story. Why did he shoot four bullets into that door if he didn't intend to kill. Why wait five minutes before battering down the door and why didn't he make sure -- girlfriend was safe. Before pulling that trigger.

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{"id":23255153,"title":"Prosecutor to Pistorius: 'You Killed Reeva Steenkamp'","duration":"2:29","description":"The prosecutor known as \"the pitbull\" gives tough cross examination of the Olympic runner.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-testimony-reeva-steenkamp-murder-trial-prosecutor-23255153","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}