Oscar-Winner Cate Blanchett Stuns in Latest Woody Allen Film

Actress talks speculation on Academy Award-winning performance in "Blue Jasmine."
4:08 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Oscar-Winner Cate Blanchett Stuns in Latest Woody Allen Film
And the royal rubber ducky. Here with cate blanchett. The oscar-winner has played so many iconic roles, including queen elizabeth, katherine hepburn, and bob dilley. And in the new woody allen film, "blue jasmine." Since you played the queen, you are a royal expert, yes? Yes. So, what's the name? For the boy? Boys are hard. Steve. Ezekiel. Craig. You're going nontraditional. Steve. It's such a powerful movie. One of our producers saw it yesterday. She described it as launch due boys, feets ruth madoff. It's about this healthy unhappy woman. I think it's a common story. It is a common story. Let's take a look at it. Friends, I had dinner parties. Their apartment came in. And I waited on them. Do you have any idea what's like. One minute, you're hosting women. And the next, you're measuring their shoe size. Erica bishop came into the store. She saw me. So embarrassing for me. I saw you, erica. You're right. You say it's a common story. But this woman comes apart in an uncommon way. She is damaged goods. She's a broken woman, who is intensely loouded. She bringed her name from janet to jasmine. She doesn't say new york. She doesn't say manhattan. She says park avenue. Yes. Very specific. This is the first time you had a chance to work with woody allen. I had given up hope of that happening. When you hear woody allen is calling you, you take that call. He is a genius screen writer. What is the secret for drawing these performances out? I think 97% of his direction is in the script. And he gets -- he's monosyllabic. It's all there on the page. And he wants to get out of the actors -- I did read at one point, he says, if I was doing the scene, here's how I would play it. And you asked how he would play it. He could give me line readings. I did say I he should play the role. And he they about it and said, no. It would have been too comic. Woody allen as a woman. I would go see that. A lot of people are going to see you do this. You're going from woody allen to george clooney in your next film? Yes. From the sublime to the ridiculous. It's a fabulous pym. Really into a pocket. And now, to sam and the

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{"id":19745189,"title":"Oscar-Winner Cate Blanchett Stuns in Latest Woody Allen Film","duration":"4:08","description":"Actress talks speculation on Academy Award-winning performance in \"Blue Jasmine.\"","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-winner-cate-blanchett-stuns-latest-woody-allen-19745189","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}