Jennifer Lawrence Ditches Blonde Locks

Oscar-winner quickly sheds her Oscar look in preparation for the next "Hunger Games" movie.
2:05 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence Ditches Blonde Locks
Now, we turn to jennifer lawrence, who went from blonde to brunette, one day after winning the oscar for best actress. Why did she do it? And could the switch be the start of a hot, new trend in hair? Abbie boudreau has the story. Reporter: Wowing everyone with her every-woman likability. I'm sorry. I did a shot before I -- jennifer. Reporter: The golden girl is once again turning heads. Transforming her honey-colored locks, to dark brunette. Only one day after her big win, lawrence was sporting her new katniss looks, ready to finish filming "the hunger games" sequel, "catchinfire." She's 22. She doesn't try to be more grown-up than she is. Very true to herself. Reporter: The actress isn't the only one to embrace dark tresses. Britney spears debuted her new look sunday night, at elton john's oscar bash. So will dark and sexy become the new trend in hair color? You like her better lighter or darker? Lighter. Darker. Reporter: We caught up with celebrity hairstylist, robert vetigi. I leak her blonde, personally. Reporter: No stranger to the red carpet, with naomi watts, stacy keibler. She could be pink, blue. It wasn't matter. Reporter: But there are other ways to capture your inner katniss, something far less committal. But just as much fun. For "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. So, trend or no trend? No trend. She's just going back to work. She's just making "the hunger games." You might start one, right now. Sam might end it, though. That's the thing. I've never been brunette a day

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{"id":18606986,"title":"Jennifer Lawrence Ditches Blonde Locks","duration":"2:05","description":"Oscar-winner quickly sheds her Oscar look in preparation for the next \"Hunger Games\" movie.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-winner-jennifer-lawrence-ditches-blonde-locks-hunger-18606986","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}