Oscars 2013: Popcorn Recipes for Your Party

Emily Fleischaker and Rachel Sanders share some delicious popcorn ideas.
2:22 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Oscars 2013: Popcorn Recipes for Your Party
God joining us and the blood -- and Rachel Sanders they of course -- In -- tackle many remember the 47 layer dip. From from -- It is -- honest here I will -- first of all Sam and I got. Notes that day we would the New Orleans for the Super Bowl that. Being -- of what it is we made made its way uptown to the ABC news's newsroom now all gone that day. We got a note that they stared at it. For about an hour and then one person sort of ventured into the lions stand at an all water authority the -- -- all. You may have been off again just sat there in late breaking word terrified for a couple of second -- and over and so we have been sent -- on. It's gourmet it's also fascinating -- popcorn and it's what we can do what popcorn which becomes a vessel for what we have here we can do all this at home -- -- -- -- -- holly -- apps you can even -- four out of five is withholding -- and -- not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- such -- more came against the Marlins -- that I know when it's on the Internet -- -- I am here. And that the texture actually really holds together really works well it transforms into something bigger at the top scoring yeah. Yeah I like dessert and a snap column one you cannot have a lifestyle hi I'm glad I. I will -- I I I was worried did. Bacon might not make everything better. Yeah. -- concerned this is that this has been polarized once they tasty -- very. Actually outfit got a little bit that they wanted -- in essence -- -- find out more about these popcorn -- you guys had this up so late we can say Yankee go to because he's dot com. -- where the food particles into -- go right there I think there are also legitimate web cast technocrats yeah. And -- -- -- I love so Russia and I love the spicy that this is actually good popcorn. If you haven't -- nasal issue you can just hold it under -- I have ulterior -- Oh -- we'll actually hey yeah I don't know lovely audience given on the but he. The very spicy ones -- -- It's relevant and -- really taken past taken us.

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{"id":18557221,"title":"Oscars 2013: Popcorn Recipes for Your Party","duration":"2:22","description":"Emily Fleischaker and Rachel Sanders share some delicious popcorn ideas.","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2013-popcorn-recipes-party-18557221","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}