Young Filmmakers Celebrate Oscars With Insta-Shorts

'GMA Live' asked film schools across the country for their best Instagram video Oscar parodies.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young Filmmakers Celebrate Oscars With Insta-Shorts
Counting down -- -- -- Sunday and an honor of that. Big night in Hollywood and we asked -- don't students from across the country could send us something called instant shorts. It's sad end to -- their -- some of the movies nominated this year -- wanted to show you one now. This lets some New York Film Academy it's their take on the war on Wall Street -- -- into the Sierra. And it's called. Teen wolf of Wall Street -- Ha ha -- France's admit. -- and -- do the British balloon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are there any of the center left in the half an -- are written each tiny finding the tiny that -- I'm finding gang Latin funny welcome -- both looked into the death hid the GMA and yeah. -- yeah those are great -- You just the kind of build some buzz around Oscar Sunday so we -- of top films schools across the country and got them to create these is to -- -- 152. Remakes of Oscar nominated films and when we just saw was a teen wolf -- Wall Street. And -- -- -- lose ALCON that you're from academy. And I believe we have another clip it's going to be a massive. Her and American hustle. Yeah its greatest is from the New York to look at -- fantastic. All high it's -- remembered me well tell me you least about the chargers -- to -- -- -- hi -- classic. Okay so it's a guess is it's really all about like how much you can created and that 152. Period and this is you know these students have had a lot of fun and got a lot more coming and so. Phil -- if you're watching make sure that you send an and you just uploaded to Saddam -- tags and remains a short so. They I -- see a 152 is sort of gravity. Added this battle -- -- -- no exit. -- Trust me coming out today they went to do items space that's amazing isn't it. -- calculus second all used to design comes checked her fifteen -- and. It worth it reminds him -- a -- -- -- dispensers that DJs like he wants -- like Pollyanna about it yeah. Yeah we'll get him back and make it -- soon.

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{"id":22680077,"title":"Young Filmmakers Celebrate Oscars With Insta-Shorts","duration":"3:00","description":"'GMA Live' asked film schools across the country for their best Instagram video Oscar parodies.","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2014-young-filmmakers-celebrate-oscars-insta-shorts-22680077","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}