Can You Be Overweight but Healthy?

Dr. Richard Besser weighs in on a controversial new book called the "The Obesity Paradox."
4:06 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Can You Be Overweight but Healthy?
Time, now, for the big announcement. Brand. New word for scrabble today. Ginger in the social square. What is it? I'm playing scrabble right here. You have been voting. "Gma" viewers say the new word should be zen. That's what you voted for by 44%. We'll see how America voted over the past few weeks and what the real world will be. Revealed here for the first time. The new word is going into the official scrabble dictionary. It's geocache. You know what it is, right? No. I'll be honest. It's the things that people hide little items in parks and under rocks. You can use your gps to find it. A gps treasure hunt. Oh. I learned something. Thank you. Thanks. I mean, I knew, all right. I like zen, too, America. We're in sync. There's a story in "Pop news" that will have you feeling zen. I hope. We begin with America's favorite comedy duo. Amy Poehler is said to be in talks wis to play opposite Tina fey in "The nest." They go home for one final weekend to bond, badger and maybe grow up. No release date yet. But it has been six years since we saw the pair on the big screen together in "Baby momma." That's right. They're so good together. Six years ago. Wow. Let's make that happen. Cool. And then, speaking of zen, a horse is a horse, of course, of course. Unless the horse is yoga. We've seen pregnancy yoga. Baby yoga. I'm not sure we've seen this, though. George, this is for you. How did he do that? The horse is doing yoga. The guy's doing yoga. The horse is, too. In Argentina, trainers use yoga to train wild horses. All of the things yoga does for us, they believe it does for horses, as well. And horses lose their fear and become trusting and loyal. Here's my question. How do you do that the first time? Yeah. With care. And with a wild horse. Panicked. That's incredible. What is the name of that move? There can be a lot of creative moves. It's hard to know. We have a new word for you. Namaste. Nay-maste. Thank you. Got it. Spent a lot of time on that. And finally, remember cooper and daisy stopping by the McDonald's drive-through? Let's see this. You'll recall this. Cooper and daisy. Little pick-me-up. Cooper needed to work on portion control. And perhaps his patience. I decided he could learn a thing or two from Misha, who deserves a metal for her patience. She knows she can eat the treat when her owner says okay. Check it out. Kitchen sink. Cheesecake. Licorice. Okay. That's great. I love that. Well done, Misha. That is "Pop news." Great, Lara. Thank you very much. That brings us to the question of the morning, not from Misha, I don't think. But can you be fat and fit? One doctor says yes in the controversial new book "The

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{"id":23270709,"title":"Can You Be Overweight but Healthy?","duration":"4:06","description":"Dr. Richard Besser weighs in on a controversial new book called the \"The Obesity Paradox.\"","url":"/GMA/video/overweight-healthy-23270709","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}