Owen Labrie Speaks Out After Sexual Assault Conviction

2:55 | 12/18/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Owen Labrie Speaks Out After Sexual Assault Conviction
with the former prep school student accused of assaulting a classmate. Owen Labrie is speaking out since his conviction that you'll only see on "Gma" today and gio Benitez who followed the story is here. Reporter: Labrie is appealing that conviction with the new Hampshire supreme court but among other things the young man whose story made headlines is spending time building a chapel. It was a trial that lived in the headlines this summer. An alleged sex assault. One of the premiere boarding schools in this country. I was raped. Reporter: A 15-year-old St. Paul school student claiming she was raped by a fellow schoolmate Owen Labrie. This someone was going to get what he wanted and not take no for an answer. It wasn't my intention going into the night of having sex. Reporter: They convicted him on misdemeanor sexual assault. This is Owen Labrie now out free while he appeals his one-year prison sentence. Instead of studying at Harvard's divinity school as he planned he is now building a chapel speaking out for the first time since his conviction. The now 20-year-old still insisting he had done nothing wrong telling nuke nuke in an exclusive interview it was the only thing that sustained me knowing that I had told the truth. I had done what was right. I walked out of the courthouse with my chin up. He's add perhaps but resigned to the consequences. Reporter: Labrie expressing no regret about refusing plea deals that would have required him to admit to sex with the girl but put him behind bars for less than a month with no sex offender registration telling the magazine, he'd handle his legal decisions the exact same way but he wears the sex offender label like a scarlet letter. It's a fairly small town up there and, you know, people come up to him, you know and use words that you can't use on television. He's gotten a lot of support. There were a lot of classmates and their parents who gave to a legal defense fund and he gets it from all sides. Reporter: Now at home with his divorced parents the once harvard-bound superstar student is under a strict curfew. Sometimes he says even defiantly still wearing his St. Paul's shirts. How could someone so smart with such a bright future ahead of them, whatever you think about what may have happened that night how could he have risked so much? Reporter: And perhaps most surprising, "Newsweek" tells us he is personally trying to handle his appeal himself reaching lawyers and experts across the country to prove his point but he could still face charges for deleting messages on Facebook during that investigation. Now we've tried to reach the accuser's family about this interview but have not heard back. It is a very complicated case. At least it seems like he's making the best of his time. Thanks very much. "Newsweek's" exclusive with Owen Labrie hits the stands next week.

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