First Pair of 'Bionic Eyes' Glasses Helps People With Lost Vision

New technology helps a woman who has been blind for 23 years, could help many others.
2:16 | 02/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First Pair of 'Bionic Eyes' Glasses Helps People With Lost Vision
And out of medical miracle on some people who've lost their vision of the scene. It's the very first by on a fact that may look and sound like something out of science fiction movie but it is very real and already improving lives. AB c.'s -- of any test is here with the story that you -- good morning Daryn good morning Dioner. The bionic -- is so groundbreaking some believe. It could lead to cures for blindness this morning do you get a first look and it's the kind of thing Hollywood. Has been thinking -- for decades. One just science fiction gentlemen we can rebuild him. -- is now reality doctor mark Q -- and spent 25 years working on a medical marvel you have to see to believe I committed myself because developing. And you win you approach so those who -- blind. Can have. A foreseeable solution it's the first FDA approved by implant the Argus to was really just a video camera attach to eyeglasses when. Wirelessly transmitting images to the brain. It won't fully restore vision. But the FDA says it may allow people to detect light and dark in the environment essentially the blind can see something again. One of the things that I can do now is laundry in my husband had to put. The colored clothes altogether in a pile and that the glass is unable to do that myself. Kathy Blake is 61 and has been blind for 23 years but after a two hour surgery. -- has a new perspective the -- is really helped me be more outdoor areas quick mobility. Walking right now the device is only approved for Britain -- is pigment hosts -- rare genetic disease which slowly causes. Complete vision loss. Only about a 100000 people in the US suffer from. The -- is the device could eventually be used to treat millions who can't see. I really think that the future for this is this going to be thing. Let's hope and if you're wondering what sparked the doctor's interest in blindness well it turns out his grandmother went blind. And so he devoted his entire two career -- finding a cure for this how rewarding -- -- -- -- obviously and now it's amazing amazing.

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{"id":18519281,"title":"First Pair of 'Bionic Eyes' Glasses Helps People With Lost Vision","duration":"2:16","description":"New technology helps a woman who has been blind for 23 years, could help many others.","url":"/GMA/video/pair-bionic-eyes-glasses-helps-people-lost-vision-18519281","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}