$7 Pants Test: Worth the Money?

Becky Worley compares quality of expensive and cheap pants.
2:22 | 03/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for $7 Pants Test: Worth the Money?
The circular ads at the back of the sunday paper often inform me about news, slicing, dicing machines, about motorized scooters but fashion? A company out of pennsylvania offers $7 pants. Yes, $7 but slacks that cost LESS THAN LUNCH at McDonald's, could they really work at work? Pockets, handy. Not always a fashion plus. That looks comfy. That crease really is built in. For life. From my real world trial i enlist liz, pants wearer. We get her a pair of work pants that cost $170. I don the $7 pair and it's off to the mean streets of walnut creek, california. For a little unscientific polling. Which one of us is wearing $7 pants and which one is wearing $170 pants? I would say 170. Hard to tell. That's a good sign. These are probably the more expensive. I'd say those are $7. She knew. These are 170. You guysre sure about it? Oh, my gosh. Winning. So with the black pair, there's a good chance you could pull this off but now for a few other colors. Which one is wearing $7 pants? 7. Yours are 7. I'm wearing the $7 pants. You win. The colored $7 pants look like, well, $7 pants. She could tell I was wearing $7 pants from 15 feet away. Well, guys -- you had me with the black. You lose me with the other colors. And clearly these are not tuck-in pants, you know. The elastic. Sorry, josh. We had the guy this morning, yoga guy with -- they look incredibly comfortable. They are. They're incredibly comfortable. And wear them on airplanes, casual fridays. 7 pants. Nothing wrong with $7 pants at all. Just saying.

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{"id":18789397,"title":"$7 Pants Test: Worth the Money?","duration":"2:22","description":"Becky Worley compares quality of expensive and cheap pants.","url":"/GMA/video/pants-test-worth-money-18789397","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}