Is this the World's Worst Parallel Parker?

Josh, Sam and Lara share a funny "parking fail" video from Ireland.
2:05 | 04/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is this the World's Worst Parallel Parker?
We had parking -- I believe in our anchor off. UN wanted to and I want to close segment that -- -- I don't think -- George won this one now this may need them most epic parking fell. Ever in Belfast Ireland. Hung around just now coming -- and by the way that carpets and that's fine yeah that we don't ask don't -- don't -- it's hard territory that we. We -- we decided that we we -- gonna speeded up. Because backup you have. Okay -- you have to -- -- is crying crying crying. How does kind of anger and now and then now you'll Austin -- did get a -- Gonzales don't give up don't give up they didn't but they. Now and going and -- going and I'm. Ten but saying yeah I don't videotaping incentives -- now -- their -- -- -- if you take a fifteen minute breaking -- working happening got their attention. You watched it for your entire break it took the person fifteen minute hand someone else coming -- that I thought this always scares me about that. -- persons with me. Like on the streets and cars -- weapons -- and you can't even at a low speed put it in its space where it -- Comfortably -- what are you -- on the open rose you know when we travel as much as we travel for whether Darcy is my producer and I have a term it's called -- it's it's a driving term call the calm over. And it happens every time we're on an interstate where someone will be from the left lane and five -- go all the way over to the exit in less than ten feet. And so we really we color like the complete comb over could you go from one side of the road all the way up into the Agassi -- guys. Your very descriptive and you you come you always see one of these on the road and I think it's that person right there. You think they came armor from Belfast and in that -- every highway in America -- guys got an update on the parking thing apparently. They started filming it. Halfway through it took her and Allergan to -- in the -- of the capitol our pentagon our -- it went down and after they wanted to -- She said no and then like three other people came up and started to comments.

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{"id":19066271,"title":"Is this the World's Worst Parallel Parker?","duration":"2:05","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara share a funny \"parking fail\" video from Ireland.","url":"/GMA/video/parellel-parking-fail-video15-minute-parking-job-worlds-19066271","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}