Stay-at-Home Dad Shunned by Playground Moms

Facebook employee Tom Stocky says many women had low expectations of his parenting ability.
3:52 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for Stay-at-Home Dad Shunned by Playground Moms
He says he was treated as an outcast by the -- the playground. He -- adding Boudreau has the story. The movie what to expect when your expecting because the Romania from -- -- got laughs from FaceBook product manager Tom stocky. Until he decided to become fit own dad was it harder than that it would be. I think yeah I mean it was so physically demanding while his wife worked at Google Stuckey took a four month paternity leave to care for their one year old. To find new things to try to eat. Do things -- try to secure for years until there are lots of dangers looming on all sides at. Another looming some price. Some marquee moms they're just insanely low expectations for me as a dad sounds like -- that's a great they are reading your daughter the grocery store but I was late. Well of course I am -- he vented on FaceBook about negative perceptions of moms who work. When dads don't one stranger cracked it's too bad you can't earn as much as your wife so she can be the one to stay home. What made you want to write that's. I felt like there are a lot of things that I hadn't heard talks about very much in some of the different challenges and and nudges -- kind of pushed dad's away from the homes and into workplaces in the same way they're all these judges that are pushing women away from work places and into the homes at the beginning to be honest I missed my hate my job here FaceBook and so. I'd say it was about after about two months I started getting some of the benefits of all the work that's putting -- with my -- Stuckey -- his daughter eating salads and taking her first step today he's -- on the job. Leading the launch of -- searched a new way to find people and places on FaceBook. -- kind of miss being with her. Nothing will replace like -- about four months that I had a full time -- -- that was amazing for Good Morning America Abbie Boudreau ABC news. Menlo park California. Just let us now other parenting expert doctor Logan left welcome back thanking -- so -- got somebody who was really looking forward -- informants often gets his comments out of -- -- It's really unfortunate we we -- a system where we've given women. The free haven't -- kind of push back against traditional gender Ralston and work at home vs mark and the you know at home -- outside the home. And we should give men freedom. To do the same thing but we still kind of forget that you know men have choices to not. And he made the choice and he would make it again. I take it in addition to getting some of these are becoming -- little tough but there trillion accessed through the death of praise he didn't telling me want to encourage. We do want to encourage and look there is no one definition of what family looks like an adult and I that's the thing about being on the playground these -- -- There is no one make up a family you know whether it's. You gender is the worst single parents -- -- -- if you want. Happy and healthy and fulfilled kids need to have a happy healthy -- they'll parents and sometimes that means their -- for the playback and sometimes their -- and sometimes they're neither of them. I'm a lot of existing right up so important and and we're certainly seeing that more and more these days when you let that really ugly side of yourself -- when -- make a comment like that. All people really have to do is looking you know that. And it has -- -- should be doing that and I think we have to ask ourselves -- we tolerate that behavior in our kids because I'm the first to yank my cat out of the -- if they -- academic and of those parents here are -- idea that dead -- that is getting greed feast time with his new -- time -- never get -- -- She's -- that a father preparing -- return. I would say. You have a right to be at that playground picnic table and you should demand that right. And warm only knowledge that the so called -- group say -- probably don't see a need that he had up. A co parents friend an outline and be a model for all the other got that are gonna take paternity leave to. I love seeing that from yeah I -- a husband and were jealous and thank you great to see you nice to see if.

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{"id":19625715,"title":"Stay-at-Home Dad Shunned by Playground Moms","duration":"3:52","description":"Facebook employee Tom Stocky says many women had low expectations of his parenting ability.","url":"/GMA/video/parenting-stories-stay-home-dad-shunned-playground-moms-19625715","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}