Parents Magazine Survey Finds Parents OK With Toy Guns

ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams tackles all the exciting topics trending now in "Jury's Out."
4:12 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for Parents Magazine Survey Finds Parents OK With Toy Guns
Dan Abrams at the table. That means it's time for "The jury's out." A lot of big topics today. Let's start with a new survey from "Parents" magazine that found that 71% of parents think it's okay for kids to play with toy guns. As a kid, I played with cap guns. I played with water guns. And I this I I'm okay with my kid playing with water guns. I agree with you. My kids have water guns. No problems? Not a big deal. I don't like the realistic ak-47s too much. But a water gun. I think everybody's okay. I never let my kids have any type of toy guns. No toys that represent a killing machine. I understand the feeling. But realistically -- A water gun is not a killing machine. It's all about parental involvement and guidance. We all had water guns. And most of us did not grow up to be violent criminals. Not a lot of debate here. I wanted to swap that out. But Alberto, we'll talk about that later. Next. Oh, wow. A Mesa, Arizona, high school, under fire for dedicating two pages in its yearbook to teens who are pregnant or parents. Many saying there are other accomplishments that should be celebrated in the yearbook. And they glamorize teen pregnancy. What's your take? I think it's fine. I have no problem with the idea. These are probably kids who have a lot harder high school experience because they were pregnant. Because they had kids. And I think celebrating them in the yearbook is okay. And the school is very clear that they were not glamorizing them. It was more of just showing that these are kids, under some really tough circumstances, they're still in school. Trying to get that education. I think that's is something to celebrate. I can see where others would -- Really interesting story. But you're 0 for 2. Right. Let's go to social. That's where we get disagreement. Although, Dorothy agrees. I don't think it glamorizes teen pregnancy. It shows that everyone can overcome all obstacles and make the most of their lives, no matter the circumstance. Are they saying it's an accomplishment? Teen pregnancy doesn't seem to be something a school would want to highlight. Women driving while pregnant. We're not going to have disagreement. I'm going to say it at the outset. It's interesting. I hope we have a good discussion. Women driving while pregnant, getting into far more accidents, according to a new study in the Canadian medical association journal. They called it, their quote, not mine, foggy pregnancy brain. So should any driving restrictions be placed on pregnant women? I say, don't let them drive. No. I'm just kidding. We have to have disagreement here. Pregnant women are prone to anger. Just letting you know. How would you enforce that? Come on. What if you're driving yourself to the hospital because you're about to give birth? It's interesting it's the second trimester. Apparently, the first trimester they're particularly careful. Not quite as careful in the second trimester. But in the third trimester, you get more careful again. You can't move that much. I would say after you have the baby, you get baby brain. Are we going to restrict all mothers? I know that. We have one study caveat on this one. We did a flash poll on that one, too. You're going to be shocked by the results. Marine says, if you want to provide chauffeur service, restrict me. I didn't have foggy pregnant brain behind the wheel. In our flash poll we asked, should there be driving restrictions on pregnant drivers? 12% said yes. I'd like to invite those 12% on to the program to take the position and debate because I'm not going to. Very, very wise, Dan Abrams. Thank you again for "The jury's out."

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams tackles all the exciting topics trending now in \"Jury's Out.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23910198","title":"Parents Magazine Survey Finds Parents OK With Toy Guns","url":"/GMA/video/parents-magazine-survey-finds-parents-toy-guns-23910198"}