Parents' Top Picks for Best Baby Items

American Baby magazine reveals parents' picks for strollers, high chairs, toys and more.
4:08 | 09/11/15

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Transcript for Parents' Top Picks for Best Baby Items
And now from. Back fat American baby magazine put the call out to 50000 moms and dads across the country. Asking them this is their favorite baby items for 2015 and we are about to show you some of the winners and joined by American baby executive editor. Mindy locker mending. His my jam right now the run all about the I've been obsessed with looking at different items and registering what is the variables that parents are looking at when they go to do this we found that three things really stand out you know parents are looking for safety. And the US has very rigorous standards that's great. They also want affordability and you're buying a lot of things for the speedy still think that come at a good price points and ten device to the top and and then finally convenient. You may not know how to how to solve your crying baby even if that gear is easy to use. The good confidence boost for the overwhelmed parents of that wind and I found and it's not even necessarily to find best abs and and Agassi is to make the baby happy as it right exact natural cooling happening eleven. So let's look at the look at some of the top ten starting right here right it's a this fat ice get pocketed huge paper with Montgomery. Modeling it to you can really it opens up at the white purple. Good I'm people who. Change the baby's diaper right here he can ignite his stylishly you can use it as your everyday batting moms love that I actually just practice this from my sister in law and now I know. And I had advice. I'm her registry and then yeah. To me the slot. You need just endless flat out. There's there's so beautiful I mean an eight minute nice bottlers have made of these beautiful loving fabricate documents have to think that moms live and let's freeze you can use at this waddle. He's how to do when its price bottling your baby a lot of babies really respond to it you can also use it as a nursing blanket you can use it as a stroller blanket when your babies older so. They actually really can grow with you and they're so pretty I can't wait to make a little. Wilbur reed oh yes exactly. Isn't this one does blew my mind how to get the right story at this solve many choices and this fund came on anthrax this Keiko thriller came out on top it is extremely lightweight so when you're running errands all day with your baby. And you're going taking it in and out of the car. They're not gonna get arm fatigue from Madison with an easy get. Skidded out that your baby endowment for parents and bring it back ten magnet classes usually elaborate fairy it's gotten a lot of reclining positions to keep the baby happy when you're out about. What's the plump little me and I'll. Mila Neal even pockets like your highlight what you got going out for this mess is working for me she's happy and yes. If he's toll look at looking at August lots of different stations that it could see it fully rotates. Now she's looking over here this is the baby Einstein ring. Knew you think of activity sinners as far as like your baby's first playground. You do not who knows everything and aren't all the hype why they want to be stimulated. And that's baby Einstein really can stimulate spending it's fun to watch that has parents you can see it's really fun to watch convened engagement. Fees so much fun I I wanna hop and that's. I don't I don't rat that's right exactly and this is this is when some people say you don't even need hi Tara I imagine you do they have to eat right yes I'm ready. Right you don't just heard this is a great ghostly snack cart with terrific about it as we just not a right here is how easy come together so if you are living in a small space yes this is terrific. He could pull that away and get it out you know babies that are only six months only eating once today you can get it out. And then put it away but it's also. Thirtieth after it when you are ready to heat your baby. Many meals a day it's great for keeping out for that I'm I had an average we decide how open it was easy to open hi there right there yeah. And then and then I'll I had to all quiet on at all what you know and you can see just pulled right at your table they'll. Your baby can really be part you know some of them. But they're our moms really respond to ones that have a smaller but it because you can bring it right the T good morning to night at a have experienced evident as that becomes disaster. Good fit look but I doubt I'll come as Mindy from being and gas flat. No one is going home empty handed all of our parents here and we can't they're going home with an American babies top six for going fifteen. The new issue is on newsstands now I get excited take these come.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"American Baby magazine reveals parents' picks for strollers, high chairs, toys and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33698587","title":"Parents' Top Picks for Best Baby Items ","url":"/GMA/video/parents-top-picks-best-baby-items-33698587"}