Paris Jackson Apparent Suicide Attempt: Why?

Michael Jackson's daughter apparently cut her arm with kitchen knife, according to dispatch call.
6:01 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for Paris Jackson Apparent Suicide Attempt: Why?
Let's get to the big questions swirling around paris jackson's apparent is suicide attempt and whether they are guardians missed the danger signs. Abc's cecilia vega joins us from los angeles with much more on all this. Good morning, cecilia. Reporter: Robin, good morning. So many questions still, but what we do know is that paris jackson comes from one of the country's most famous families and with that seems to come a lot of grief. I just wanted to say I love you so much. Reporter: Paris was right there in the middle of the jackson family at her father's memorial service, the first time the world heard from a child whose privacy had been fiercely guarded and she has been right there in the middle of that family's drama ever since. ♪ Reporter: Today paris, her brothers and their grandmother are six weeks into a $40 billion lawsuit against the promoter of what was supposed to be michael jackson's comeback tour. Paris was subpoenaed to testify in that case. Paris jackson was asked intimate details about her father and her father's death. It was a very intense situation. Hi, how are you? Hi, miss jackson. How are you. Reporter: Paris told oprah last year growing up has not always been easy. A lot of people don't like me. So why do a lot of people not like you? I can't imagine. I don't know. Do you think they're jealous. Maybe. I don't know. Reporter: Paris said she was in high school just trying to have a regular childhood. More normal. It's more fun if you have a social life has gotten better. I mean there's drama but I try to stay away from that. Reporter: But she has not stayed away from the battles in her own family. Last summer some of the jackson siblings reported matriarch katherine missing. Others said she was never missing to begin with then the twitter war with paris calling her uncle randy a liar, not to mention the fights over custody of jackson's children and his will. Recently, paris was spotted meeting with an entirely different family member, her birth mother, debbie rowe. But through it all, the memories of the father she was so close to still there. Do the memories come fast and furious still or some of it's fading and gets a little easier to move on? It never gets easier. Reporter: Hard to hear. Well, as for that ongoing trial, there was no mention of what happened to paris during yesterday's proceedings. Her lawyers say, george, they have done everything possible to shield her and her brothers from the drama inside that courtroom. Okay, cecilia, thanks. Let's talk more with howard bragman and "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. Thanks, guys for coming in. Howard, you worked closely, you know many members of the jackson family. How seri what you have learned is this? It's very serious and a lot of people are focusing on was this a real suicide attempt or cry for help? That's not the issue. The issue is here's a troubled 15-year-old girl going through huge emotional issues right now and she desperately needs help. Do we know what's at the root of it? Absolutely. We saw last year that she was going, where's my grandmother? I haven't seen her in a week. Recently reaching out to her birth mother debbie rowe. This is a girl who needs parenting. She needs consistency, leadership, continuity in her life and it's the one thing she can't get in this family. Dan, there's been so much controversy. Could katherine lose her guardianship over this. You can lose guardianship but you don't lose it based on the actions of the child. You lose it based on the inaction of the guardian so if they haven't been following her closely enough, if they are not paying enough attention, if she really is in desperate need of a parent figure, then, yes, that could be a reason that someone could lose it. But you don't just lose it because a child does something that is horrible. One could argue, she is under pressure preparing to testify in this lawsuit, questions about whether they should be bringing -- you heard the jackson family lawyer earlier saying she's under no pressure at all. No one is put -- but, of course, she's under pressure. I mean the reality is she's preparing to testify in a trial about her father's death. She was going to be talking about the emotional impact that this had on her, of course she's under enormous pressure and i certainly hope that the family has been taking that into account from day one in deciding to relive everything of that painful -- she's been doing that, as i understand from people who follow her. Her understanding four years later are much more mature and like reliving her father's death again. She was the love of her father's life and he was the love of hers. There's a void that I don't know that can ever be filled. What does the family do? They have to pull together. You have a definite lack of leadership. They have to decide on a structure, give her consistency, give her what every teenage girl needs, love, support. Is there any one person who's best situated to do that right now. You know, katherine is great. She's a wonderful, loving lady but she's 83. She's frail. T.J. Is a great young man who is the cousin who's been helping, but from what I understand that relationship isn't real strong. They're going to have to get together to decide on a structure with paris. She has to be part of the solution. Got to be kids first, money second. I mean I'm concerned that this family has been a family that's been fighting over money throughout michael jackson's life and now you see -- I'm not saying that it's the result of that, but you just got to remember, in terms of priority, it's got to be the kids first.

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{"id":19337753,"title":"Paris Jackson Apparent Suicide Attempt: Why?","duration":"6:01","description":"Michael Jackson's daughter apparently cut her arm with kitchen knife, according to dispatch call.","url":"/GMA/video/paris-jackson-alleged-suicide-attempt-teen-reportedly-cut-19337753","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}