'Parks and Recreation' Star Plays Despicable Boss in 'Walter Mitty'

Adam Scott discusses his role in Ben Stiller's imaginative new film.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Parks and Recreation' Star Plays Despicable Boss in 'Walter Mitty'
You know adam scott from "parks and recreation." But his only recreation in "the secret life of walter mitty" seems to be torturing ben stiller. You can't take my duck. It's mine. Give it to me. Stop fiddling with sweet and little men. I'm trying to do my job. are you the tin man? Picture. So good. And here, we want to give you stretch armstrong. Merry christmas. He's changed over the years, hasn't he? He's not very stretchable. Congratulations on the film. How did that feel playing as we call it a despicably delicious character? I just love. I think mean people are really funny. And the way steve conrad and ben stiller put this character together was hilarious. And getting to work with them was great. Getting to go and be mean in the movie, be the bad guy, is always fun. Ben stiller, we all think is one of the greats. I wondered how much of what you said or what we see on camera was ad libbed, in the moment. Very, very little. It was such a well-written role such a well-written movie, i wouldn't dare change a word. Steve conrad did great job. We had the whole cast of "anchorman "here. Ben gave a take to mess around and do what we wanted. No need. It was a great script. I like the beard. I was happy to shave it off. Kristen wiig said you're the nice is guy in the world, i believe, off camera. Wish I could say the same about her. Well, I was trying to throw you the opportunity. I'm not going to take it. Your character on "parks and recreation" so nice. Real life, we hear, so nice. Do you jump at the chance to play a role like this that's so different? I call this character the a-hole from planet a-hole. I'm not sure what you mean by that. It's superfun. So different from my character from ben on "parks and rec." It's fun to be able to do something different. Plans for christmas? Rushing home tonight for los angeles to get there in time to call my kids down. Hopefully, they'll get to sleep and wake up at a reasonable hour on christmas morning. Good luck with that. Thank you. It's not going to happen. Adam scott. What a pleasure. "Secret life of walter mitty." Check it out. It's in theaters. Tomorrow on "good morning

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{"id":21308899,"title":"'Parks and Recreation' Star Plays Despicable Boss in 'Walter Mitty'","duration":"3:00","description":"Adam Scott discusses his role in Ben Stiller's imaginative new film.","url":"/GMA/video/parks-recreation-star-plays-despicable-boss-walter-mitty-21308899","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}