Be a Part of 'GMA' With Social Square

Social Media space will change the way you watch "Good Morning America" every day.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Transcript for Be a Part of 'GMA' With Social Square
As apediatrician, this must be huge. I am so excited. It's so big, robin. You see behind me. Fred, security blocking the door. The internet sensations here all morning long. Now it's time the reveal why. So, gentlemen, everybody, welcome to social square. "Gma's" social square. There's the logo. What it means is that you at home are now really a part of the show. So come on in. This is your room as much as it is ours. I love this space. It is hip, it is young, sit fun. It's all about you. We want to hear from you. We want you to talk to our guests, to us. Tell us how you're chithinking. How do you do that? Where is Hamilton? He's got thousands of Twitter followers. Here he is now. One of our essential media stars, Hamilton the pug. We love talking about these stories that make us laugh, make us smile and touch us. Now we want you to tell us how you feel, too. Right now, we have the instagram chat wall. All you do is, look at that. Four viewers already checking in with questions forus for H us, forour guests. Our social slot machine. This enables you to ask us questions and tell us how you feel from Google plus, from Twitter. From Facebook. If that's not enough, we also have, this is our Google plus, we're going call it the hangout. It's like a video chat room. This is a live conversation between fans. Where you can talk back and forth about how you feel about news of the day, about what you see fwing on on the show. In this space, which, I would imagine we will all be using quite a bit, there's foosball, basketball. We're not Sr. Competitive. And celebritiesings like this gal, hi. Hi. Kristen bell, everybody. Star of "Frozen." Star of the new "Veronica Mars". I'm playing Lionel Richie. Give me five. You're a huge social media star. 1.4 million viewers or tweeters, fans, Twitter people. Robin? Hi, Hamilton. Kristen has agreed to answer a question. One of how viewers right now has asked, what is your favorite style of pizza, thin crust, pan, New York, or Chicago? Are those hi only choices? I like thin crust with a spice the pi si pizza. I like a lace in California called lucifer's. It can be questions about anything. And of course, you have probably seen it. Our Twitter mirror. Would you be kind enough to do a selfie with us? Sure. I thing I just -- The camera looks about right. Ready everybody. Where do we look. Right there. Say cheese. There you go. Check it out on Twitter. We'll post that. And we'll talk more with Kristen about her new movie, "Veronica Mars." It's back. Hey, there. You want to play? Put the ball in.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Social Media space will change the way you watch \"Good Morning America\" every day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22844119","title":"Be a Part of 'GMA' With Social Square","url":"/GMA/video/part-gma-social-square-22844119"}