Part 2: Michelle Obama and Prince Harry at Invictus Games

Watch the second part of "GMA" co-anchor Robin Roberts' interview with the American first lady and British royal at the Invictus Games - the international Paralympic-style event in Orlando.
5:24 | 05/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Part 2: Michelle Obama and Prince Harry at Invictus Games
But now, we want to go back to robin in Orlando. For more of her interview with first lady Michelle Obama and prince harry. At the invictus games and how prince harry got the queen to challenge the first lady. Robin. Michael, prince harry and first lady Michelle Obama, they're teaming up for the ultimate competition and celebration, now they're opening up about the games, the queen and hanging out with little prince George. What are you hoping watching, it's on ESPN, it's here at Disney world. What are you wanting people to come away thinking of these brave men and women? I want people to be inspired. I want tears. Reporter: The annual invictus games may have kicked off last night. We have some digging at some each other as you have noticed over the past several weeks. Reporter: But the playful sparring between the first lady and prince harry over which country will reign supreme during this year's games started before the open ceremony. All started with this challenge from first lady to prince harry. Remember when you told us to bring it at the invictus games. Be careful what you wish for. Not to be outdone. Prince harry brought in the queen. Boom. How did you approach the queen? First lady brings the president into it. If you can get your grandmother to do this, then you can drop the Mike. He said it like this. And my brother -- I said, you know what, now that you're so confident I didn't want to have to ask the queen because I didn't want to back her into the corner. When I showed her the video, she was like, let's do this. You can see. She delivered great timing. It's hard to believe that she recently celebrated her 90th birthday and you got to meet prince George. Was he really in the bathrobe. Yeah. I have to say that the most precious thing if you haven't fallen in love with him is to see him with his nephew. Because uncle harry, whoory so quiet. I'm like, you're not quiet. I was on my best behavior. He's got a pretty good uncle over here. Yeah, it's hard to imagine prince harry being quiet. I guess when you're uncle harry and the president is there. Can you imagine, can you get your grandmother to participate and your grandmother just happens to be the queen of England. It was just so wonderful how comfortable they are with one another and how they're joining forces, guys, prince harry and the first lady. I tell you what, robin, to see and watch them the two together, they're great. They seem to have a great rapport. But are so passionate about the military. I love that. It's really something that's great to see. It really is great to see because you look -- I mean, look at these faces. What they were talking about also, it's not just about those who serve in the military, who are the family members that are out here supporting? Yeah, because the it's like you're in the military along with your significant other that's serve and so it's that kind of spirit that you get here and we also have these wonderful veterans and they are heroes work here, it's great program for Disney, because when a lot of our veterans come back home they need a job and they want to work and so many of them are here. Who's here with that program right here? We have a few that are here. A wonderful spirit of coming together, guys. It's the invictus games, it's there some competition. Being around those competitors, about to go head to head starting this morning, what is the feeling that you get here, is there nervousness, tension, are they ready to go? Michael Strahan is talking about the competition, guys, all of -- they're all looking at me and saying, what is he talking about? They're talking about the competition. Hall of famer back there. I can see the fire in your eyes. In all seriousness, there's a great spirit about here and each country wants to bring back the gold. What's wonderful if one of the competitors should happen to fall or something like that, the other team is going to reach back and help them up. It's a wonderful atmosphere, but yeah, they're ready. It's on. They heard prince harry and they heard Mrs. Obama. It's on, it's on. We love it, robin. We're talking to one of those amazing competitors. We'll do that coming up. Watch the invictus games on ESPN. Which I think is great. Amy, throw it over to you.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Watch the second part of \"GMA\" co-anchor Robin Roberts' interview with the American first lady and British royal at the Invictus Games - the international Paralympic-style event in Orlando.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38972228","title":"Part 2: Michelle Obama and Prince Harry at Invictus Games","url":"/GMA/video/part-michelle-obama-prince-harry-invictus-games-38972228"}