The New Party Etiquette - Five Rules That No Longer Apply

Author Mark Ellwood discusses the new rules guests should follow when attending a party.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for The New Party Etiquette - Five Rules That No Longer Apply
New party etiquette just in time for the modern age the five rules that no longer apply. Hello love -- Katie take today we're talking party etiquette in the modern age did you know that some of the social roles were used to. Might actually be outdated author and expert mark Ellwood is here to explain what's and it what's out when it comes to party rules hi mark. Nice to see you are right so the first question is. Is deeper apps I understand it if fat sit at. Probable think about it -- also -- -- paper mutation didn't you just put it to one side and then -- -- yes. So I don't know if you want -- comes upon you need to send them an email on the instantly pollutants that funnel that calendar. Paper invitations -- beautiful but I think people just they lose them what about for -- I think weddings what I would -- is I would get a paper invitation because it's lovely to design that but I would -- that really people are reading me now. I also think for thank you notes and I know you think so as well mark that it's really important to -- to send it through snail mail. Oh I think if I keep in Dallas is full let's not fool fool you have to send a thank you note because you do want them to keep that put in a neutral remember that you -- -- get invited back. But if you want people to come they need to put in -- calendar. OK number two let's send it stuck in an awkward conversation. With someone I was obligated to -- to a party or someone I just don't like that much. Can you tell us how to make a graceful exit. This is the bank. I think in the seventies we were hoping to how to make conversation with people but now I think is the Twitter application of such of socializing every conversation. Three minutes is enough if -- stretching -- OK I think over the big slaughtered right when it stretching -- -- You when you've gone to pony you always take two drinks from the ball want to do that because you have to say excuse me I have to go kids selling so. His or her drink it quick and then you make a graceful exit to get stocky during by the OK let's talk about -- cell -- because cell -- are have gotten to be. Thankfully kind of goes for people to carry -- around at parties and there somethings that you can do. If you're hosting a party with -- cell -- right I think you have absolutely I think you have to realize that. This socializing is more fun -- social media. And at some point you have to tell people what the fund down so the wait a big event planner has a great time for this he calls it -- cellphone crash. And what you do is you have some charges ready in a -- Maybe in a -- -- maybe it's station someone looking off to them I knew almost everyone very politely to -- that cell -- to challenge in the crash jeering the policy. So your -- -- and you stop them -- So -- say that the new rule is -- should neither be seen nor -- kind of like children right. Okay hot laps. -- I think we've been I think what maxed out with -- funding and kick starts -- that everything is what -- -- -- send. I think these days. A potluck feels very 1990s. -- hall led us I think you want to say I'm gonna throw one really great Pontes say if you going to be a host BO. Just aren't well that's good advice and it's somebody is being -- host oftentimes you bring a hostess gift. I never know what to do sometimes they do it before or sometimes I do it afterwards sometimes I forget about it altogether so what is sort of the proper etiquette -- -- Think about it like this. If you are in the middle of cocaine you've taken some -- you've got lots of guests arriving what does the lost thing you want to dated. Take a bunch of flowers find applause right open a gift have to react. So your actually being a much more polite guests bring a bottle wine because that can be added to the ball. But sending finds you off -- woods when the host or hostess is much -- can really enjoy it. Is a much more for full jester and it's very scary because you were told judge -- -- -- -- bank. But you should be bright mountains about. And and do you have any ideas for gifts because oftentimes I think hostess gifts are just so predictable and -- she put a -- to weekend. Let's be honest. We -- -- I don't know that I I think I think I think a bunch of flowers is always the nicest thing to send. Because they they don't take company space you don't have to find space than in the -- -- about I think weatherman or woman I think there instant Chia. All -- sometime because I think champagne I corporate and finally what we -- champagne on Monday because it always cheers you up. Instead of availability and what about things like candles are our note cards served. Trying to think and a fairly typical hostess gifts I. Think -- god is great because -- candidates they're gonna need to say thank you to you when you invite them back for tonight. Aren't a market that's it that's very nice -- -- mark -- with thank you so much for the tips because of rules have changed a bit hasn't it. -- and thank you for watching this edition of case take on Yahoo! an If you'd like to learn more about my talk show go to Katie current dot com and of course follow me on Twitter if he can at Katie Couric we'll see you next time.

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{"id":21152966,"title":"The New Party Etiquette - Five Rules That No Longer Apply ","duration":"3:00","description":"Author Mark Ellwood discusses the new rules guests should follow when attending a party.","url":"/GMA/video/party-etiquette-rules-longer-apply-21152966","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}