Would you pass your driving test if you had to retake it today?

A quarter of survey respondents agreed that drivers should have to renew licenses at least once a decade.
8:34 | 01/17/18

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Transcript for Would you pass your driving test if you had to retake it today?
It's okay. And we've got some stories T share with you guys and they popped in the newsfeed so we like to pull them out and share them with you and I'm going to get to the first one a new study that found if you pass your driver's test but then you don't drive for several years which probably happens to a lot of new yorkers you're more likely to be a bad driver. That makes sense. Who is surprised about I that? Use it or lose it. Another study found more than travel of those surveyed said think knew somebody who should be required to retake their road test. That was my wife calling about me. Your wife thinks you need to retake it. She's tough on my driving. A quarter agreed we should have to renew our licenses at least once a decade. I think that's a good idea. That's a good idea? I agree with you. Who thinks they could pass a road test if they had to take it again? Who thinks they could pass it again. Oh, yeah, you think your raising your hand. I have got some signs for you, people. We're going to put you to the test and I'm looking straight at you because you raised your hand with such confidence. I'll hold up a seen and shout out what it means ready. Bam. What does that mean. Stop. Stop what? Stop to the right. Stop ahead. Stop ahead. You got that right. You raised your hand the quickest and you didn't get that one. Okay, here we go. Here we go. What's this one? Bam. No u-turn. Now you got it. That's a good one. That was pretty easy. Hmm. Slippery when wet. You just know that because of the bon jovi album. There you go. Robin. I'm not looking. The thing is George hasn't answered one. Come on, George. What is that? What does that mean. Workers. Flag guy ahead. Flagger ahead. I thought it meant construction ahead. Still slow down, it doesn't matter. And the last but not least -- I'm not -- Narrow -- There you go. Nice. Y know what, I'll ride with you any day, ma'am. That was good. There you have it. I was not cheating. I won the driver's Ed award in tenth grade. Of course, you did. And on top of it you -- you were -- You weren't cheating? Because she kept thinking I was cheating. I'm very proud of my driver's test. And you were a bus driver. All right. Shall we bring out -- Let's bring him out. Let's bring him out. Exciting guest to bring to the table. A pop megastar, one of the best-selling singles of all time you know we're living -- La Vida loca. Do it, do it. He's taking on a big role in the asat nation of Gianni Versace. Please welcome Ricky martin. ??? We will wear you out living la Vida loca ??? Good to see you, my friend. Thank you. Good morning, everyone. Welcome back. I love this. I love this. They love this. You come out and you see -- you're so humble like the reaction, you're loved, man. Thank you. Thank you very much. Simply adored. Can we say congratulations you're married man. All right. All right. Okay. I have the ring. But where's my wedding? I want my wedding. Big wedding celebration. You did it small. That's next. No, we just signed all the papers and everything and we're fine and it's beautiful so in love. And then but now I want a big party so hopefully by the end of summer we'll do something. I'll let you know. In your beloved Miami. I'm from Puerto Rico. I know but you live in Miami. I live in Los Angeles now. I lived in Miami for many year sfs yeah, that's what I thought. When I met I said where are we going, L.A. We landed in L.A. The kids are happy in L.A. So we're happy there. You have twins. And you want more twins. Yeah, I mean, I come from a big family and I would love to have a big family but now we're two to make that decision. Your twins, do they understand how big of a star dad is? Do they enjoy your music? Are they living la Vida loca? Biggest critics and I've said this on many occasions, hey, right, Papi, I love what you did tonight but last night was better. Oh. They're very diplomatic. They're very beautiful and very special. You say you lived in Miami and you actually lived there during the time of the Versace murder. That's right. What was it like. I was in Europe when that happened. I was invited to that house many times for many different events. I never went. It's one of those things, I also had campaign with georgio Armani so I guess I was not allowed to. Competition but I think that for me to shoot at the Italian villa in Miami beach where everything happened was the most important thing for me as an actor to be able to feel that energy, the first scene I shot was when I actually find the body right at the stairs where it actually happened. It was very beautiful. -- You play his partner. Okay, I am playing Antonio which was Gianni's husband for 15 years. It is such a pleasure to work with pe Nelly Cruz. Edgar Ramirez who was here yesterday. Darren criss, Ryan Murphy if I, Ryan Murphy if I directed the first episode and it's been nothing but a blessing. I started working as an actor when I was 15 years old. First TV series was in Argentina. And then I did Mexico and I did theater and, of course, I came here to Broadway and for me to have this opportunity once again has been amazing. Very dramatic. Very powerful series. You must watch. It's glamorous. It's sexy. Did I say sexy because it is sexy. And creepy, Darren criss -- Did you see that. Andrew Cunanan. I saw the first episode. You've seen nothing yet. Oh, wow. You know, you know Ryan Murphy if I. No, this is true. Everything that you see is events that happened leading to the unfortunate, you know crime of Gianni Versace. We hear because we've had your wonderful cast what a tight crew and we hear that there was a little bit of socializing after shoot days that -- At home. It was a little bit of living la Vida loca. Yeah, well, just to stay in character we -- we would bring it home. Yes, uninvited -- I would invite them to barbecues and -- Karaoke. Karaoke and that was Darren, he goes everywhere with his guitar and now we want him in every party. So -- Since you all did ckaraoke, anybody impress you. Darren is insane. Darren, he's very talented. From "Glee." Very, very talented and he -- did a good rendition of "Living la Vida loca." You know what, I'll take it to the unplugged version one day and we'll do something cool. Before you go, thank you for what you have done for your home in Puerto Rico. You and many others. And there's so much -- much more to be done. Thank you. We're building homes. I must talk about this. Unfortunately still half of the island has no power and I'm building homes. I want to make sure that kids have a place to go and that's why we're doing an alliance with habitat for humanity and thanks to the money you've all donated between $5 here, $10 there, you've done so much for my island. Thank you so much, everyone. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate that. Good man. And the assassination of Gianni Versace premieres tonight on FX. Check out Ricky martin.

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"A quarter of survey respondents agreed that drivers should have to renew licenses at least once a decade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52396783","title":"Would you pass your driving test if you had to retake it today? ","url":"/GMA/video/pass-driving-test-retake-today-52396783"}