Pasta Linked to Depression in New Study

Study found women who ate diets heavier in refined grains were about one-third more likely to suffer
1:56 | 10/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pasta Linked to Depression in New Study
Now, to possible bad news for pasta lovers. According to a new study from the harvard school of public health, there may be a link between pasta and depression. Women who ate diets heavier in refined grains like pasta, will be one-third more likely to suffer from depression. Abc news chief medical correspondent, dr. Richard besser, is going to break it down for us. Do that for us. This study? It's an interesting study. The connection here is between food, inflammation in their bodies and depression. There's some studies that show inflammation in our bodies is one thing that drives depression. These researchers want to see, are there certain foods we eat that cause inflammation that put us at greater risk than for depression. They found a group of foods that cause inflammation. And they asked women did they become more depressed. Women who ate more pasta, red meat and sodas, had a 29% to 41% increased risk of depression. People that ate food of less inflammation, have lower rates of depression. Were there problems with the study that you found, rich? You can't take a group of people and say you're going to eat this. You look at what people normally eat. And then, you try to control it for everything else. It could be the other way around. People who are starting to see changes in their mood go to confident food. I know after a downer day, i like to reach for the pint of ice cream. It may be driven the opposite direction altogether. But it is interesting to look at. And this study only with women? How about men and children? It's a famous study out of harvard. They follow over 100,000 women. They find the inflammation like this. You can't apply it to men, or children, either. Recommendation? I'm a fan of the mediterranean diet. Rich in whole grains, fish. If it's good for the heart and good for the brain, as well. Thanks so much.

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{"id":20724376,"title":"Pasta Linked to Depression in New Study","duration":"1:56","description":"Study found women who ate diets heavier in refined grains were about one-third more likely to suffer","url":"/GMA/video/pasta-linked-depression-study-20724376","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}