'Pasta Parties' Bring Unique Twist to Classic Dishes

Food and Wine magazine's Gail Simmons prepares various toppings for pasta.
3:21 | 03/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Pasta Parties' Bring Unique Twist to Classic Dishes
We are back mouthwatering ways to add twists to favorite pastas. Dishes, to do so we have, sam. We have gail simmons, special project director of "food and wine" magazine here to tell us three different pasta topping recipes. We have it out of the way. I appreciate that. Okay. So these are three great pasta toppers, super easy, mix and match with any. Parliament crumble. Favorite thing to make at home. It looks fantastic. Look how beautiful. Look how I make it. I have three ounces of parmesan I'll dump into a skillet. An ovenproof skillet, tablespoon of thyme. Incredible. And a little bit of pepper and I'll toss it. Take a spoon and mix it up evly and then -- medium heat. Medium, about 375 in your oven then you just want to make it look like a beautiful dip, really even and I'll put it right in the oven for eight minutes and look how it looks when it comes out. I had no idea these ovens work. They do. First to make the "gma" oven to work. Unbelievable and it does. It looks gorgeous. Gorgeous. It comes out looking just like this. I'll move over here. You can slide it r] fuzilli. A little olive oil, salt and pepper and then will you crumble those up for me. Yes, yes, I will. Want me to crumble it. Wow. You do that very well, josh. First time. Look at those things. I can't believe it. Science project. And literally just crumble it right over and adds this toasted parmesan and fresh thyme flavor. That's it. That texture you can -- yes, I will taste this. Oh, we have plates for you. Can I -- no, I'm basis rye now. Thank you, bail. I have two others equally as easy. I have chorizo, garlic and a little bit of panko bread crumbs that I put in a blender and toasted up. When you do it in a skillet they come out toasty with spaghetti. Mix it right in. So easy. Instead of covering it up with sauce. Easy, fun and gives texture which is really great when you're eating pasta. Yes, I will taste this. It's about the bass that. It's always about the pasta. It is. Really simple. You can do a little butter sauce even or an alfredo sauce, whatever your favorite sauce is. Butter here and sage, fried capers and chili flakes fry it in a skillet and sprinkle those on too. Super fresh. Owe sese. Add a little saltiness. That's all you need. And this is a couple minutes. Once your pasta is ready to go. You are -- yeah. I'll taste it. Just for you. You got to understand. Sam has had a year's worth of caffeine earlier this morning. That was something. Wow. This is really helping, though. You know, a little bit of sothing in the base in the stomach. While sam works out the number of issues he's about to battle, these dishes you just saw.

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{"id":18781231,"title":"'Pasta Parties' Bring Unique Twist to Classic Dishes","duration":"3:21","description":"Food and Wine magazine's Gail Simmons prepares various toppings for pasta.","url":"/GMA/video/pasta-recipes-italian-meals-dinner-pasta-parties-bring-18781231","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}