Patricia Cornwell Missing Millions, Blames Money Managers

The authors financial gurus says her "living large" is what has been eating into her cash.
2:47 | 01/15/13

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Transcript for Patricia Cornwell Missing Millions, Blames Money Managers
Now, we're going to turn to the mystery of what happened to millions of dollars earned by patricia cornwell. It's part of a huge lawsuit with her former money managers. She says they have been ripping her off. But they claim that, quote, cornwell was living large. And john sffen is here with all of it. Reporter: This is a lot of money. According to the lawsuit, patricia cornwell says she discovered something was wrong in 2009, when he net worth was around $13 million, the same as her yearly earnings for the past four years. The big question this morning, where did all that money go? This morning, best-selling fiction crime writer patricia cornwell is knee-deep in her own real-life mystery. In a boston courtroom this week, cornwell isng her wealth management firm, saying it took millions from her wildly popular novels. Her books based on a fictional forensic investigator, kay scarpetta, have made her rich and are showing up in a film. Cornwell is known for her lavish, spending habits, including this helicopter. And she talked to robin roberts about one of her favorite cars. I just donated my precious ferrari. Reporter: But now cornwell says the firm bued through her cash. And she's asking for $100 million for damages, negligence and breach of contract. We're seeing where business managers are a of mismanaging large sums of money for celebrities. Reporter: Meantime, the company is firing back. Saying cornwell blew her own bank account. It claims that cornwell had a $40,000 a month lease on an apartment in new york city. As well as spending $5 million of private jet service. And $11 million on properties in concord, massachusetts. The jury may see this as a rich person's headache they can't understand. Reporter: In court documents, cornwell says, she ses with bipolar disorder, and needs help managing her business affa affairs, but was taken advantage of. Something the company denies. Saying, the business relationship, ms. Cornwell was fully in charge of it. She knew what was being done. She directed it. Cornwell claims because of the stressful ordeal, she missed a book deadline for the first time in her career, costing her about $15 million. Well, jurors will have a chance to hear cornwell's side of the story in her own words. Elizabeth, she is expected to take the stand at some point. It would seem a pretty easy thing to prove, though. These kinds of records. Just pull out the receipts. Exactly. A lot of contracts that you sign. A lot of receipts. Lengthy receipts.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"The authors financial gurus says her \"living large\" is what has been eating into her cash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18218687","title":"Patricia Cornwell Missing Millions, Blames Money Managers","url":"/GMA/video/patricia-cornwell-missing-millions-blames-money-managers-18218687"}