'Grey's Anatomy' Star Patrick Dempsey Prepares for French Le Mans

McDreamy gets behind the wheel in the new mini-series "Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans."
3:50 | 08/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Grey's Anatomy' Star Patrick Dempsey Prepares for French Le Mans
We are about to be -- nice crowd here today. For you, babe. You've been outside. They went crazy. And the reason, of course, is "grey's anatomy." Tenth season. I cannot believe it. DEREK SHEPHERD or McDreamy to some of us has become part of our lexicon, pop culture and we also will talk about racing le mans which is your newest project. "Grey's anatomy," hard to believe that show has been on and striving for ten seasons. It's pretty remarkable. We just started our 200th episode last week. And we're all mystified and grateful too. It's been quite a ride. We all got the chance to hear how wonderful shonda rhimes is and how loving and giving not only to the actors but the entire crew and gave you all cruises. Yes. That's amazing. She was tuning in oprah. Everybody gets a cruise. Everybody gets a cruise and lifted the spirits of the cast and the crew and everybody was really just celebrating the success of it. Realizing how fortunate we are. Have you guys decided when you'll go? Oh, I don't to when I'll go. It's really, really great. Continued success. When does the new season start? September I think a month FROM TODAY, SEPTEMBER 28th, 27th. Terrific. Let's get to your other life. Yes. You've said that race car driving is as important to you maybe if not more than acting. Is that true? Well, I love racing, absolutely, it's my passion. I love acting as well. It's a different experience. You can't really compare the two. I think it's unfair. When you're not doing your day job and racing, you created this wonderful documentary, four parts and tell me a little about what it was like for you to race in the most grueling race of all, le mans. 24 hours. Yeah. And why so difficult? Well, this show is on velocity, it airs this wednesday night. It's a four-parter. We'll do -- basically my journey to get to le mans and le mans -- the first is about what le mans and racing is about and our footage about paul newman, steve McQUEEN AND JAMES GARNER AND Their passion and trials and tribulations, financing the cars and the mistakes you make and putting that all together and ending up at le mans. I'm going to brag about you. Say how you did. Do you not want me to give it away. We did very well. 29th OVERALL. 29th OVERALL AND WE LED THE Class quite a bit throughout the night. Let's see how good you are, patrick dempsey. and it's on right now. Here we go. This is our mini le mans. Sam champion is -- what's his role. I'm just going to start. So drivers start your engines. Oh, wait a minute. Get control -- get control. I'm always trying to get control. Oh, there it is. Oh, ready, set, ready, set, go. Forget it, let's go. Sam, help me. No. Sam, help me. Sam. Hold it. Like my driving on the track. Wait, mine is going the wrong way. Oh. Trying to -- I'm trying. I'm trying. The finish line. It's down here. Wait.

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{"id":20068337,"title":"'Grey's Anatomy' Star Patrick Dempsey Prepares for French Le Mans","duration":"3:50","description":"McDreamy gets behind the wheel in the new mini-series \"Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans.\"","url":"/GMA/video/patrick-dempsey-race-french-le-mans-greys-anatomy-20068337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}