Paula Deen Dropped From QVC

The star chef apologized to customers after admitting in a deposition to using racist language.
2:41 | 06/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Deen Dropped From QVC
Latest on celebrity chef Paula -- her career in ruins following her admission she and used a racial slurs so many sponsors dropping are now. And she has agreed to step away from her work IQ VC. ABC's Steve -- -- has the story. Police -- gave me. For the mistakes that have money. Paula dean trying to put out the fire threatening to burn down her nearly sixteen million dollar business empire but it keeps burning is not gonna take -- -- try. This morning QBC is her latest partner to walk away. Dean making the announcement herself in an apology to customers. As you know I have some important things to work on right now both personally and professionally. And so we've agreed that it's best for me to step back from QVC and focus on setting things right. What went wrong happened during her deposition for a lawsuit where she admitted to using racist language. Leading Wal-Mart Smithfield Foods Caesars casinos and the Food Network and their deals -- forcible club. -- -- -- -- Target who sells her cookbooks pots and pans said goodbye on Thursday. And so did Home Depot when my doctor told me I had type two diabetes. -- -- Devastated. -- endured a ton of bad press in January 2012. When she announced she had diabetes. It was the same day the self professed queen of southern cooking became a paid spokesperson. For company that makes a drug to fight the disease. I'm sharing my story. Hoping to show people -- you don't have to let diabetes stand in the white. Of being showing your life now Novo Nordisk that drug maker is cutting ties to or Good Morning America -- seats on the ABC news tonight.

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{"id":19518638,"title":"Paula Deen Dropped From QVC","duration":"2:41","description":"The star chef apologized to customers after admitting in a deposition to using racist language.","url":"/GMA/video/paula-deen-racist-slur-comments-chef-admits-offensive-19518638","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}