Ad Highlights Struggles of Paralympians and Their Moms

P&G releases the Paralympics version of their "Thank you, Mom" campaign.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ad Highlights Struggles of Paralympians and Their Moms
I'm giving you my plan today. To this puts -- to the medalist -- your -- let go ahead make war with the teleprompter have. -- you can't get -- products and actually for any -- the -- we thank our -- perhaps it's just never -- -- square in the midst of the Olympics threatens. But the paralympics are just around the corner and P&G is continuing its role of the spotlight -- behind the face of the olympians. Take a look. He's a mistrial -- talent in phase and the obstacles they have become overcome. To become strong champions they are. And we apply to we certainly don't mean this is on 88 that we've seen these commercials running during the Olympic Games and should snow -- -- but look at this. It's incredible I just it USOC fund raising event with Brad Snyder and he was stationed -- in Afghanistan. And he stepped on online with -- I'm lost his sight. One year later he came back to win the paralympics in swimming in 1000 lives and just his story from both sides he -- The nicest guy -- and you know he's like you know what it was my fault I take full responsibility. My life is amazing you know I have -- his amazing Don Betty just gotten a strain and he has such a good attitude inspires so many and that was true at all modeling we can have -- here and we just saw that the world's. Toughest moms. Raised raised the world's toughest kids and you know again as somebody who committed her life to an Olympic dream very early on. It is so wonderful to see and we want to thank Procter & Gamble. Four highlighting. -- if nothing else -- that dream is not it is shared by all and if you happen to have been born without. Lay eggs arms site what have you you get you get to you get to -- the gold just as well that's awesome okay I'm gonna lose it.

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{"id":22580305,"title":"Ad Highlights Struggles of Paralympians and Their Moms","duration":"3:00","description":"P&G releases the Paralympics version of their \"Thank you, Mom\" campaign.","url":"/GMA/video/pg-mom-campaign-ad-highlights-struggles-paralympians-moms-22580305","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}