Inside George Clooney's Last Dinner with Philip Seymour Hoffman

Said Clooney of Hoffman: "We had dinner in Berlin a few months ago, he seemed to be having a tougher time."
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for Inside George Clooney's Last Dinner with Philip Seymour Hoffman
So it was a good basketball players that you mentioned before -- -- that you had played with Philip Seymour Hoffman yes what was. He was athletic fields of really good after he was a really good athlete. That's just yet tell -- -- we were just talking rep for the show. And it's only been a few days and -- Absolutely. -- of course is heartbreaking and you know you hear the -- devastating a lot that the city and somehow reflects as if it's about. -- and it's it's just. It's something that I can't comprehend really he was. We loved him as a community he was a friend to all of us in this community and he was also this incredible talent. And he was way too young and it was is just. -- -- something that I can't understand I can't comprehend and it just. I think fills us all with. No you fields and some of the same way just as -- ahead of -- and yet and I and I. Did -- breaks all of our hearts I think it's just. It's it's been difficult because we had to do premiere last -- which is in New York two days after Phil's no longer in new York and you know I always think of him in this city I was it was very hard to -- walker red carpet and talk about. Having a good time with the monuments men you know win win there's a whole real world -- -- that. That that someone had a horrible horrible time. What you worked with him in nineteen Marx is there -- story you could tell about him. Just -- him as an actor and working with police a degree through such a great actress so instinctive united. Directing him was. You know directing was picking and choosing there wasn't you know. Let me tell you what you should do was literally going to turn him loose and you'll do. He would do to whom he was so -- on -- QEQ do you serve three choices. It yen in and I would do three takes with him literally every scene we did three takes in the first equity. Very quiet very columnist. Them. The second -- would be just raging you know. Eyes -- -- spitting and yelling. And then he'd do one in between. And it was so much fun because he gave -- options. Which doesn't often have always happen with actors -- attempted decided on something and they're gonna do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me stay completely out of and I found him to be. -- to work with -- Paul Giamatti is the same time with so much fun to have two actors that I have such great respect for. On either side of each other kind of odd ball one another it was really fun and you could enjoy the process that he could as well. You can laugh at yourself -- he was. Not only intent he got into the character -- Explain -- he wasn't the wasn't certain could. Manic there was -- we said cut you we'd all go have dinner and it was easy and and fun and it was never. If you I think he was very happy at that period of time in his life he seemed to be. And I've seen them many times since we've had good dinner -- few months ago it. It seemed to be having a tougher time you know and there's no understanding what goes on -- an individual's mind in their lives. That gets him to that place I'd like to think it -- an intentional I'd like to think it was. An accident but what gets -- the point that you have to do that in general it is. It's just heart so. Hard hard to understand and heartbreak that's the problem is that there isn't a great lesson -- -- You know you wish you could go well all right now we know the last some of the lessons we don't -- drugs don't know what those lessons. Be there isn't anything good to come you know you can I can't look -- the well there's something. The good that comes out and we're talking about drug use. We've always -- -- I find this with the just be. As pure tragedy -- now.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Said Clooney of Hoffman: \"We had dinner in Berlin a few months ago, he seemed to be having a tougher time.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22392662","title":"Inside George Clooney's Last Dinner with Philip Seymour Hoffman","url":"/GMA/video/philip-seymour-hoffman-dead-george-clooney-interview-2014-22392662"}