Photographer Takes Look Into Refrigerators

French photographer's series, "you are what you eat," peeks inside the refrigerators of 60 people.
2:08 | 11/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Photographer Takes Look Into Refrigerators
K and what's inside your refrigerator could be -- to you really -- well of course again a French photographer -- -- kind of refrigerators and sixty people so this is science jail and created this fascinating that a series titled you are what you -- This is fascinating Bryant so scientists all of The -- I'm -- -- a botanist who says he feels more comfortable around plants and people out of right now without this and that's all -- can -- -- the bartender. That they they Wendell young the bartender yeah. He's not -- myerov. This is a wide apart -- a lot of takeout. What -- nocturnal he wakes up but all the different one tiny -- in an interview. So it was a big ones -- a short order cook who. Bench -- 300 pounds and -- I think that's making history this is OK -- way to go and I didn't think thank you for taking us back for me thank you thank you -- his father isn't I don't know why not enjoy that I would go to the last what you're doing is seated at kick in the freezer at a -- -- I and I don't want -- vital job my nation committee my refrigerator OK that's what we do that we're gonna do we're gonna do we can do for for the west of the. Otherwise the whole if they are gonna read you know that pays -- if you wanna see you heard of they have heard freezer they don't know what I was on the idea until I heard the talk about a -- He's you guys actually have had imagined what we are it is amazing and they know -- -- I didn't and number eight tank job aren't forgot -- exclusive. Lewis is a big expense on our our boy this is really bright that the GM and that's the GMA in refrigerators what you heard on top -- -- Karachi yogurt there's my water and now there's unnamed witness that Kremer DL lots of cream of the cream -- -- we got -- gag OJ or some sort of -- -- don't come -- you -- your hungry. Unless -- Michigan big I just sat in the -- degree. Apparently -- -- -- that there's a link three bag lunches that somebody will still yeah. Well yes people who -- -- like really threatening signs on their backs and there's a -- out there like a good many years this. Re bringing -- passion I had I had I will find you can I am and turn you into a segment five it.

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{"id":20924038,"title":"Photographer Takes Look Into Refrigerators","duration":"2:08","description":"French photographer's series, \"you are what you eat,\" peeks inside the refrigerators of 60 people.","url":"/GMA/video/photographer-takes-refrigerators-20924038","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}