How to Boost Your Business

A small business expert gives a beauty salon owner some tips on how to boost his business with a new app from Microsoft.
3:12 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for How to Boost Your Business
We're going it turn to "Boosting your business" and teamed up with Microsoft office to help entrepreneurs take their small businesses to the neck level. Rachel Smith is here to kick things 0 of with a beauty salon owner in the midwest and their story. Good morning to you, rach. Good morning to you, as well. Great to be here with this beautiful crowd. Check this out, guys. I love it. Great boost in the morning. Heck this out, so small businesses make up a whopping 99.9% of all U.S. Companies but only a third of them actually make it to the ten-year mark so we brought in an expert to help one Chicago company keep beating odds and thrive. Gordon says he is living the American dream. I came from Macedonia in 2000. Reporter: Arriving in the U.S. With little in his pockets he settled in Chicago. Within five years opening his own beauty salon. Today his flagship location employs a staff of 18 people. I don't see it as a business. I consider myself as an artist. Reporter: But with a salon seeing up to 50 clients a day, that mind-set can create problems. Enter small business expert and host of Microsoft office small business academy, Carol. 29 million small businesses in the U.S. And hair and nail salons are a $42 billion industry employing nearly a million and a half people. But experts say the biggest mistake creative types like goran makes is focusing on their art rather than running the business side. Now, the first tip is you could actually bring on a manager, however, I will tell you that if you're going to delegate responsibility you cann cannot abdicate responsibility because at the end of the day your name is on the door. Reporter: Which leads to the second issue, how to keep an artistic staff both inspired and happy. I think what you need to do is sit down with each of your employees individually. Some of them might want to make more money. Some might want more recognition. Not all are motivated by the same things. Reporter: Another concern, efficiency. The front desk is my biggest challenge. We need to make that -- build a smoother process where we don't get two clients coming at the same time for one appointment. Reporter: There is an easy technology solution from Microsoft, a brand-new app called bookings that's part of their business premium office 365 suite. Reporter: The software, a gift for goran. So they pick their service, they pick the date that they want and the time and they press book and it will actually hold that time, put a reminder on their calendar then your receptionist with follow up and make sure it works. It is that simple, easy to use for your customers, the receptionist will be happy, as well. Reporter: Simple tips to help goran with the art of boosting his business. Of course, making things easy for customers is extremely important. Experts say when marketing your business, owners must remember to focus on solving their customers' problems as well as their own. It's important to be creative but you have to think about the customer as well. The customer is always right, thank you. Great tips. Go to our website on Yahoo! To learn more from our sponsor Microsoft office.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"A small business expert gives a beauty salon owner some tips on how to boost his business with a new app from Microsoft.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43888324","title":"How to Boost Your Business","url":"/GMA/video/pick-tips-boost-small-business-43888324"}