Pilot Escapes From Burning Plane After Crashing Into Tree

The pilot escaped with just small burns on his hands after the crash near Mobile, Ala.
1:49 | 04/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pilot Escapes From Burning Plane After Crashing Into Tree
Now to an incredible escape from a burning plane, it was all caught on a security camera. The pilot of a Dwayne engine Cessna crawling out of the fiery wreck after crashing it into a tree escaping just in time. ABC's Steve osunsami has all the details now from Atlanta, good morning, Steve. Good morning to you, Amy. This morning, the FAA is investigating. Even the pilot is now saying something went wrong before takeoff. A plane crash caught on camera at the little bitty toeing company near mobile, Alabama. I've got a plane crash on north Hickory street. Reporter: A security camera was rolling when this twin engine Cessna came crashing into nearby trees. There's a guy trying to get out. I thought a tornado hit and then I seen a plane in the tree. Reporter: The people in the office were in a panic running back and forth from the burning plane watching it spill fuel and worried it might explode. Then suddenly the fire grew. Here I thought the poor dude is gone. Reporter: Just when you thought no one could survive they push through the smoke and come back with pilot Russell smith. I was in a hurry to get out. All hell was breaking loose. Just it happened so quick I didn't have time to think. Reporter: He had just taken off from a nearby airport and crews there who watched say he barely cleared a fence and clipped a tree line at the end of the runway. They saw fuel pouring from the plane before it crashed. This is what's left of the plane. Charred hunks of metal twisted around this tree. Smith refused medical treatment. His only injuries were small burns on his hands from the burning hot door of the plane. I thought it was all over with. Reporter: All of this happened in minutes. Authorities say if the pilot knew something was wrong that he shouldn't have left the runway. Michael. All right, thank you, Steve. Very scary actually.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"The pilot escaped with just small burns on his hands after the crash near Mobile, Ala.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38730524","title":"Pilot Escapes From Burning Plane After Crashing Into Tree","url":"/GMA/video/pilot-escapes-burning-plane-crashing-tree-38730524"}