Pilou Asbaek and Juliette Binoche dish on 'Ghost in the Shell'

The stars of the upcoming movie appear live from Times Square.
3:42 | 03/27/17

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Transcript for Pilou Asbaek and Juliette Binoche dish on 'Ghost in the Shell'
Johansson in the futuristic sci-fi thriller "Ghost in the shell." And, Juliette plays a scientist who turns Scarlett into a cyberenhanced soldier and, oh, she kicks some butt. Let's take a look. I guess privacy is just for humans. You are a human. It's like I have no past. Of course, you have a past and with time you'll feel more and more connected to it and to them. Open and close, please. You have damage to internal systems. Maybe the next time you can design me better. A little challenge your way right there. Yeah. Thank you both for joining me. First of all, you can see from that and in this movie your character is almost a maternal figure for Scarlett. She's protective. She's trying to help her along, you know, the journey of being a weapon and also having those glitches, you know, which is the origin, the memory of the origin so I'm helping -- I'm lying to her, first of all, because there's -- I have the responsibility of that -- the new memory I put in her is working throughout the whole, you know, her life but then glitches are coming and it's the memory of the origin so it's the journey of Scarlett Johansson's character that we're following. Batou is the brother. You are her partner in crime. You have a soft spot for her as well. I saw when I saw the movie you had bionic eyes. I'm wondering how was that with those eyes you had to put in. It's always difficult as an actor not to use your eyes. I don't know what's it's called in English. But it's the mirror, the window to the soul. It's very poetic but in the middle of the film I get these prosthetic eyes and that meant I was to be four hours in makeup every single day. It kind of was a little -- a bummer. Because I feel like if I had a late night out I look like that. I can't see anything. At all. And how was it -- I mean this is very physical movie as well and how was it working with Scarlett? She's so easy. She's so professional. She works out before coming on the set. She's the first one, you know, to really work and the last one to go away. No, she was amazing and very easy, professional. It feels like she was born on set. You know, and she was. Yeah and you have a lot of training, it looks like you had to have weapons training for this role but also you have a little experience of that. "Game of thrones," man. Yeah. Give us a -- everybody is in here going, okay. I don't -- A lot of pressure to get something out of you. I'm not allowed to say anything but people are going to die. People are going to die. That's all you're going to give me. Yeah. Oh. Thank you so much. That was awesome. And, Juliette, 20 years ago Monday you won your academy award. Right. Congratulations to you on that, obviously. Take yourself back. How was that moment for you? I was so shocked. I felt there was a lake at the bottom of my soul and my body so I felt totally serene and I thought Lauren bacall was going to get it so when I walked towards the stage, I was going to give it to her but because she didn't say, hey, I'm here then I felt, okay, I'll keep it. As you should have. You deserved it. Congrats on that anniversary and

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"The stars of the upcoming movie appear live from Times Square.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46391685","title":"Pilou Asbaek and Juliette Binoche dish on 'Ghost in the Shell'","url":"/GMA/video/pilou-asbaek-juliette-binoche-dish-ghost-shell-46391685"}