Tips to Survive a Crash Landing

Here's how to increase your chances of surviving an airplane crash like the one in San Francisco.
2:29 | 07/08/13

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Transcript for Tips to Survive a Crash Landing
what you need to foe to survive a plane crash including what we call the rule of five which you should keep in mind every time you board. We sent our correspondents to test the most important tips and safety for survival in a crash situation and abc's david kerley has the story. Reporter: Looking at the charred remnants of this jumbo jet you might be asking could i survive that? It is nothing short of a miracle we had literal 123 people walk away from this. Reporter: Two deaths among the 307 people on board. That is tearily a 99.4% survival rate. Somehow just feeling that i would be okay. Reporter: The survival rate was higher than average. For all accidents there is a more than 95% chance you'll survi survive. For every ten americans more than one of us is afraid to fly. Jim avila rode a simulator to show us why. When they feel that first jolt that often is what sets their heart and their body shaking. Reporter: How do you improve your chances for survival? Generally the back of the plane is safest. In fact, the discovery channel conducted a test crashing a 727 on purpose for research. They found that following the guidelines in those seat-back safety cards works. I suspect this one may have a concussion. This one may have a broken leg. Reporter: Sit within five rows of an exit. Know how many rows away from the door you are. Now smoke begins to fill the cabin. Reporter: Elisabeth leamy learned that. Smoke rises so you can avoid some by staying low. I'm counting as I go up because I already noted how far I am from the exit. Reporter: Down the slide she goes out of the aircraft. The other rule, plus three minus eight, the first three minutes of flight and the last eight minutes are the most dangerous with 80% of accidents happening in those periods. Bottom line, you'd have to travel every day for 38,000 years to be involved in a fatal crash. For "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. Well, some things to keep in mind. When I was flying back from england I kept my shoes on. Usually I take my shoes off, like, no, before landing and before takeoff critical times. You're usually chatting and not paying attention to what they're saying. Good rules. Some take a nap before we take off. That's it. All right. Coming up, the latest twist

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{"id":19603624,"title":"Tips to Survive a Crash Landing","duration":"2:29","description":"Here's how to increase your chances of surviving an airplane crash like the one in San Francisco.","url":"/GMA/video/plane-crash-san-francisco-asiana-airlines-tips-survive-19603624","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}