One on One With 'Point Break' Star Edgar Ramirez

Ramirez discusses his high-adrenaline role as an extreme athlete who pulls off corporate heists.
2:53 | 12/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One on One With 'Point Break' Star Edgar Ramirez
"Point break" about to come crashing into theaters all kinds of energy. You know, the movie follows an FBI agent who cracks a team of extreme athletes who pull off a string of corporate heists and T.J. Holmes went to some extremes of his own to catch up with its star. Hey, T.J. They did wingsuit flying and skydiving, surfing. You know what they did for me for this story, none of that. Met me in Manhattan and climbed a wall that seemed pretty tall to me. 3200 feet of climbing. Tallest waterfall in the world. Reporter: The death defying climax to "Point break." You've got nowhere to go. And racing to the top, Hollywood breakout star Edgar Ramirez. I was literally hanging from the highest waterfall on Earth 3,000 feet above the ground. Reporter: Not quite 3,000 feet but close enough today at the sports center at Chelsea pier in Manhattan where I sat down with him. It was one of the most extreme things that I've heifer done in my life. Reporter: In the film he plays bodhi. Part adrenaline junkie, part robin hood. You're going to steal it. No. You're going to give it back. Reporter: Climbing and the wingsuits. You looked like a badman. Here you're showing up in the jack and the boots but tell me, in real life are you anywhere close to an extreme athlete? No, there's only a handful of people capable of doing what you'll see in the film and in no way would I compare whatever baby steps I made in each one of the sports to what they do. You know, I was watching them as they were performing these stunts and just to be, you know, on top of the angel falls or just being hanging, that was pretty intense. Reporter: Any close calls. There was a moment where the shape of the rock was too inclined for me and I freaked out. I still had a lot of practice but I did get -- I really like it. It centers you. I got the best teacher who is Chris Charmin, number one climber in the world. Reporter: Yep, this guy, I just saw you hold on with three fingers. He's one of the film's expert stunt doubles. Now he's showing me the ropes. You got it, man. Man, "Point break 2" starring T.J. Holmes. But according to these guys it's not all about that summit selfie. Coming up to a virgin wall that's never been climbed and looking up and imagining the line. So it's not really about getting to the top. It's about how beautifully you get to where you need to get. All right. This opens on Christmas day. Reimagination of the "Point break" cult classic. If you all were going to pick one of those which sport would it be, surfing, rock climbing. Cowabunga. Surfing. I'll do the rock climbing with you. You're pretty good. We should go rock climbing. Is there an option to sit on the couch and eat the cake. No, there's not. Extreme eating is not part of the movie, man.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Ramirez discusses his high-adrenaline role as an extreme athlete who pulls off corporate heists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35904546","title":"One on One With 'Point Break' Star Edgar Ramirez ","url":"/GMA/video/point-break-star-edgar-ramirez-35904546"}