Maine Lawyer Attacked by Polar Bear

Man, 48, dragged from his tent after a bear broke through a portable electric fence.
2:01 | 07/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maine Lawyer Attacked by Polar Bear
To that frightening polar bear attack. The huge animal breaking through a fence, dragging a camper out of his tent in a canadian national park. Somehow he survived and john muller has the latest on this incredible story. Good morning, john. That is the right word, robin. Good morning. He's been fighting for his life ever since this staff advantage attack. This morning that american drawer dragged from the tent is in stable condition getting sfropger saved by quick-thinking hikers who had a flare gun. Matthew dyer is reportedly recovering from bite wounds after being brutally mauled by a polar bear. He was tour inside torngat mountains park when a polar bear broke through a portable electric fence and dragged the 48-year-old lawyer out of his tent viciously attacking him as other campers watched in order. Dyer was airlifted to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. In the wild or in captivity polar bears have attacked people. In 2009 this incredible video was captured at the berlin zoo and when the woman entered pot heal bar enclosure. This shows how dangerous polar bears in the wild can be. Watch as gordon is charged by a thousand-pound eight-foot-tall polar bear. He was inside a caged enclosure equipped with cameras. Appreciate for what the animal is. One of the most powerful animals on the planet. Most intimidating animals on the planet. One of the few animals -- something matthew dyer knows firsthand. Canadian park spokesman said they were advised to hire armed polar bear guards and decided against that. That almost cost mat dyer his wife and had you wife tells abc news he's a strong man and aimproving every day.

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{"id":19801574,"title":"Maine Lawyer Attacked by Polar Bear","duration":"2:01","description":"Man, 48, dragged from his tent after a bear broke through a portable electric fence.","url":"/GMA/video/polar-bear-attack-video-2013-maine-lawyer-attacked-19801574","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}