Polar Vortex Freezes Parts of US

About 187 million Americans are hit with record-low temperatures.
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Polar Vortex Freezes Parts of US
Reporter: Good morning, 11 degrees below 0 right now in chicago and take a look behind me. You can see the vaporizing from lake michigan here. It's that cold. And overnight we got new video showing just how cold it is here in the midwest. Take a look. Oh. When it gets this cold, black ice is king. Need to get somebody out here. Reporter: It's just one of the countless ways the frigid polar vortex is crippling more than half the nation. If you can stay in today, stay in all day today. School closings as far south as atlanta. The streets in central illinois completely deserted. The windchill there, a mind-numbing negative 30 degrees. Try opening the window in chicago and you'll get this. 35 below 0 right in your living room. It's so cold lake michigan looks more like a hot tub. The water outside chicago, warmer than the frigid air and ice already forming along the bakes. This right here is just more than we're expecting. Reporter: So cold many car batteries just aren't working. With the cold weather it's not going to start. Reporter: A water main break in subzero columbus, ohio, turning streets into steamy rivers. Crews scrambling to clean it up before it freezes solid. Lighthouses transform nothing arctic ice castles and this fountain left running outside minneapolis now a mountain of ice. Overnight a chicago family trapped in their car for more than 15 hours. We were calling for help and there was no one there to help us. Reporter: On that same highway, ice road nightmare. Truckers everywhere praying they won't be next. I'd freeze to death before i got help. Reporter: In indianapolis, in the middle of the snowstorm, a young mother giving birth to her first child by herself at home early monday morning. Due date was not until the 21st. I think she wanted to see the blizzard. She didn't want to miss out. Reporter: Mom and baby are doing okay this morning. Great news there. Amazing story. Take a look at what happens when I spray some water here on this bus stop, okay. I've been wanting to try this but the water has been freezing inside the bottle first. I get this car scraper here, this ice scraper. You hear that. Instantly this water turns right to ice, robin. We do hear that. To the three amtrak trains

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"About 187 million Americans are hit with record-low temperatures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21445179","title":"Polar Vortex Freezes Parts of US","url":"/GMA/video/polar-vortex-freezes-parts-us-21445179"}