Police officer's scam robocall warning goes viral

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
4:51 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for Police officer's scam robocall warning goes viral
We're back with our big board and Rebecca Jarvis at the table for our first story. A crackdown on scam robocalls. These cons claim to be from the irs. Well, one police officer in Wisconsin has gone viral after he posted this video of him returning a call from one of the scam artists. Let's take a look. Is it the irs? That's correct. Can you tell me your name and badge number, please. All right, this is James Maxwell. Can you go ahead with your badge number and your name and then I'll give you a call back in a little bit. This is James Johnson. I thought you said it was Maxwell last time. James Maxwell Johnson, sir. He thought pretty quickly. Not good enough. That police officer obviously pretty smart right there. These scams happen all the time. 2.4 billion of these scam calls are going out every single month, George. And they're happening all the time. Not just a nuisance but can be costly if you fall for the scam. Sometimes it's an irs agent or someone pretending to be an irs agent. Sometimes it's the treasury department and they're scamming asking for money and the problem is when people pay that money. What are they trying to do to stop the call. They want to stop them because of a nuisance and costly and working with the phone carriers. The phone carriers are trying to stop these calls before they ever hit your phone. T-Mobile just today is introducing a new feature free to all of their users called scam I.D. And scam block and you see here on the phone, if you get a call and you're a T-Mobile customer they will alert you now that a scam call is a likely scam call. They'll show that to you very clearly so you know that it's actually a scam. That would be great. You know it there but if you don't have that feature what are the things you should look for. What's important of the get a call from a number you don't know, just don't answer it. It's unnecessary to answer those calls. Let them go to voice mail and use apps now. Some of the carriers will offer these blockings but if they don't use an app like nomorobo or Mr. Number and always search a company number online. Get a call or voice mail and say to call them back look up that number first before calling them back because oftentimes you'll see when you Google it it's a scam. Makes sense. All right, great advice. Make sure we pay attention to that and you know next up pretty soon something we all may like. You may not have to go to the theater to enjoy the hottest blockbu blockbuster. "Variety" is reporting major studios are pushing for deals that let you watch the movies in your living room just a few weeks after they hit the big screen and Nick watt is with us now and, Nick, what are the studios looking to do? Well, Michael, as you say, right now it's about 90 days before you can watch an on demand movie at home. Six of the big studios want to slash that to maybe 20 or 30 days. Now it'll cost you around maybe 30 bucks which actually isn't a bad deal. Think about it family of four going out to the movies, you're going to drop even more than that on ticket, popcorn, parking and watching a movie at home, you don't even have to put a pair of pants on. Blockbuster, bingo. Aren't the studios worried about can nallizing their own openings. Listen, they want to make money and DVD sales are sliding really fast. If you shrink this time between the theatrical release and home release you only have to promote that movie once which is going to save you a lot of money and, listen, I blame the kids. They have zero patience. Kids these days, millennials, they want everything when and where they want it and the studios want to give it to them rather than having it cannibalized or online illegally. Does this make the movie theaters nervous? It must. Negotiations between the studios and distributors are ongoing and, listen, the distributors might get a cut of the streaming revenue to keep them sweet but these are not done deals and, listen, you know, theaters have survived radio, TV, vhs, streaming is not going to kill them. Some movies are I think still just better on the big screen first time, you know, "La la land," all the "Star wars" and a lot of people like date night at the movies and some people like putting on a pair of pants and leave the house. The experience -- yeah, don't go without the pants to the theater. You could be arrested. I'm curious with our panel, Rebecca, who would pay $30 to stay home and watch a new movie. I'm so in. I'm so in. Invite the friends, charge them maybe. Make a little money on the side. I love this idea. You turn your home into a theater itself. And a business. And, Nick, how about you? Well, I mean I love that Rebecca has this business angle. Fantastic. I would do it maybe, maybe one night a week, not every night and, yeah, invite the friends around. Make it an evening. Nice to have the option, sometimes it's fun to go to the theater too. I agree with you, George. Thank you, guy. Put on your pants.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46345282","title":"Police officer's scam robocall warning goes viral","url":"/GMA/video/police-officers-scam-robocall-warning-viral-46345282"}