Police Rescue Kids From Speeding Car

Officer finds two young kids after stopping an allegedly intoxicated driver.
1:40 | 09/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Rescue Kids From Speeding Car
A wild police chase caught on camera. An intoxicated driver going the wrong way. How one officer risked his life to stop the driver. He didn't know there were two young kids in the car. An officer's dramatic act of heroism all caught on tape. He's in southbound. Reporter: Watch as this apparently intoxicated driver barrels down the Texas highway with two small children in the car. But before the driver collides with oncoming traffic, sergeant Gary sharp steps in, driving his cruiser directly into the speeding vehicle. Knowing that this guy is reckless and a danger that he was, he needed to be stopped. Reporter: He even shouted to other drivers to clear out. Hey! Hey! Reporter: His game of chicken worked. The wrong way driver slamming his brakes just feet before exact. He turned around. Reporter: Before leading officers on a high-speed pursuit through parking lots and testing fate against traffic again. Authorities finally able to stop the 25-year-old driver, the children in the car uninjured. Saving the lives of the innocent is what officers do. Those people were complete strangers. Reporter: His heroic act saving them and potentially so many others. An act all in a days work. I would do the same in that position. Thanks to the act of the sergeant, no kids or anyone conference injured. Quick thinking. Absolutely scary.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"Officer finds two young kids after stopping an allegedly intoxicated driver.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25532372","title":"Police Rescue Kids From Speeding Car","url":"/GMA/video/police-rescue-kids-speeding-car-25532372"}