New Poll Shows Record Disapproval Rating for Congress

ABC News/Washington Post gives incumbents reason to worry.
1:29 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for New Poll Shows Record Disapproval Rating for Congress
Potentially huge breakthrough in the battle against baldness trying to say they have found. A new way to grow hair and it could be the next step toward better treatments for Paul to -- bring in ABC news chief health and medical editor doctor -- investors tell us how this treatment. Worked I mean this is very exciting what they didn't they took skin cells that don't normally grow hair. Date today they took them they put him in addition treated them and turn them into -- -- -- -- then injected them backing his skin that didn't have here. And here grew I mean basically -- figured out the instruction manual for creating hair growing cells so potentially this could be a better method than the current methods that are -- that's right I mean that the current treatments are all about getting existing hair growing cells to start growing again. This is a different approach into its about tourney creating an entirely new here -- going so. In might be a real value for women who aren't that you can't get here transplants is often because they don't have much skin that it big -- -- here but this is very early on -- -- -- research. Very early so this study that was done on human skin but it was grafted -- on to mice before they would really test this in people. They need to figure out how do you control the color of the hair the texture the angle that it grows if they can figure that out that no tested in people in -- it's a few years off. You came in this morning very excited not just because of this in particular about what it could mean. In the bigger picture that's right -- what they've done here is they figured out. How one of -- types of cells operate in the more we learn about that. It leads to treatments for all kinds of different things scientifically this is a really big advance -- fingers crossed.

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{"id":20643012,"title":"New Poll Shows Record Disapproval Rating for Congress","duration":"1:29","description":"ABC News/Washington Post gives incumbents reason to worry.","url":"/GMA/video/poll-shows-record-disapproval-rating-congress-20643012","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}