Thousands Gather in St. Peter's Square to Hear Pope's Message of Compassion

ABC's Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott get up close and personal with Pontiff Pope Francis.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for Thousands Gather in St. Peter's Square to Hear Pope's Message of Compassion
Also fantastic, robin and josh at the vatican. Hey, guys? Switching gears now. Gears switched. It was a thrilling moment, morning for us all. And really, the word that comes to mind, humbling. The moment that josh and I came face-to-face with pope francis. He was reaching out in the crowd, embracing babies, children. Bringing huge crowds also from his popemobile. Quite a morning. And an honor to be here and bring it to you. We were just two of thousands. Gathered in st. Peter's square, when the humble servant, pope francis, made his entrance. Hailed with cheers of joy from the crowd. The down-to-earth pontiff, returning the love, kissing babies, lots of babies. Accepting a cross. Blessing the sick. And even passing out high-fives. People have been waiting for hours. Watching him, he is certainly a man -- he loves children. Loves children. Then, after his christmas message of compassion -- it was our moment. Meeting face-to-face, with the people's pope. What a privilege to shake his hand. In his first address to the public last march, the pontiff asked the world to pray for him, something I've been doing every day. Every day, pray for you. And josh? Greeting the first-ever jesuit pope in italian. I'm a jesuit boy. Reporter: Receiving a warm embrace and a thumbs-up from the man himself. A moment of true humility. We've heard how much the pope loves babies. Well, we witnessed it for ourselves. So, a beautiful family from spain, living in london now. An the moment that the pope had with the entire family, wow. So beautiful. It was. To see him with the little ones. It was great. And there was something i want to share with you. The last time I was here, was just weeks before my bone marrow transplant. And I was in the vatican. And in a place where only the pope goes. And I -- you see a picture. This is me praying. I was praying for all of those who had been praying for me and my mother at the time. So, to be back here, a little over a year later, oh, my goodness. Makes it that much more special. And to be here with him. It's great. And to think, too, nine months ago, he was elected. And we all wondered that night, what would become of the catholic church. To see what he's done in nine months, the sea change, really, has been remarkable. We're hearing from a lot of people on twitter saying, they're not catholic. But they understand him. And they respect him and are grateful for him. Touches so many people. The people's pope. That's for sure. And the feeling, guys, among the people who came to the square this morning, knowing this would be the last audience of the year, for the pope. And we could feel it here, the kind of, just a joy, that was radiating out from there. And you can still -- yes. It was something that we all felt. And this is a great crowd. From all over the world, coming from the u.S. And when they would announce a different area, when they were talking about the argentine team that was here, and the eruption of viva papa. It was something to behold. It's a simple thing. It is the christmas season. And to hear the christmas greeting in all of the different languages, it was incredible. We have cleveland, tennessee, spain. Where else do we have? Kentucky. Kentucky. Chicago. Florida. They're all here. And we wish you were. And, boy, are we glad that we were. That is for sure. Guys? When you come back, if you could each touch us. We'll all get a little holier. Thank you.

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{"id":21258746,"title":"Thousands Gather in St. Peter's Square to Hear Pope's Message of Compassion","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Robin Roberts and Josh Elliott get up close and personal with Pontiff Pope Francis.","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-christmas-message-compassionthousands-gather-st-peters-21258746","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}