Post Holiday Deals Found Using Your Cell Phone

Beckey Worley reveals tips to saving money in places you'd least expect it.
3:27 | 12/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Post Holiday Deals Found Using Your Cell Phone
that play? 26th is a day that a lot of people return their christmas gifts. A big buzz this shopping season is how to use your smartphone to get discounts. But who does it better? Your techy teens? Or the mother? Becky worley has the latest on moms and daughters. That's right. Can you get the mom with the coupon challenging the kids with the smartphone to see who gets the best deal. Meet chloe and lindsay. Armed with their cell phones, they aim to save as much cash as they can. But mom, martha, is hunting old-school, with the weekly mailer. If you get the biggest percentage off using the smartphone, and you beat your mom, using her coupons, you win the challenge. Are you up for it? Totally. Okay. I love this. And I want it. I'm going to try it on. Reporter: Our first tip, install the app for your favorite stores. Many offer discount codes and coup coupons. I like that. Let's find out where it was. Reporter: Chloe spotted 20% off your entire purchase. But heads up, teens, that doesn't always transition into the stores. 12% off, that's only for online? That's only for online. Reporter: Okay. Got it. But brand-specific apps aren't the only game in town. Deal-ing deal-aggragatin apps. Mom hit it big with her sale. This one was about 50% off. This one was 60% off. 70%. Reporter: At last, we arrive at target. I'm changing the game. Okay. Reporter: The target app has a map in it. So, I'm going to give you one thing you have to find. And the first person to find it wins this part of the challenge. And the item is -- flameless candles. Go. Final tip, the big chains like target and walmart, will give you tons of data. Local sales, store hours and maps. We won. We did. We're winners. Reporter: Did the app come in handy? This one did. Reporter: Plus, the apps offer mobile coupons. The popcorn popper. I like the popcorn. We can get that for deb. It won't ruin our pots and pans anymore. I have a coupon for 10% off. Okay. Let me scan it. Reporter: In the end, the combination of mom's motivation to find deals and the kids' savvy with technology may be the best combination finding sales. In the end, mom, martha, crushed the teens. She got hundreds off, where they got small dollars off. But I think this just comes down to a motivation issue. They got distracted. They were using their phones to facebook what they bought. Yeah. Mom, she wanted that deal and she found it. She got it. I love this. I didn't know much about this at all. Now, I learned a lot, becky. I really did. A lot of takeaway. A lot of takeaway from that. Thank you, becky.

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{"id":18066701,"title":"Post Holiday Deals Found Using Your Cell Phone ","duration":"3:27","description":"Beckey Worley reveals tips to saving money in places you'd least expect it.","url":"/GMA/video/post-holiday-deals-found-cell-phone-18066701","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}