Powerball: $590 Million Winning Ticket Sold in Florida

A supermarket in Florida sold the winning ticket.
6:19 | 05/19/13

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Transcript for Powerball: $590 Million Winning Ticket Sold in Florida
winner waking up to a whole new world this morning. A whole new world. I can't even imagine. The big question, who's sitting on a winning ticket worth $590 million. We know one thing that it's not ron claiborne. You know what, next time. I got the numbers. Keep this thing going. Here they are. Here are the winning numbers -- 10, 13, 14, 22, 52 and powerball 11. The ticket was sold at a supermarket in a town outside of tampa, zephyrhills. Ben, good morning to you, sir. Reporter: Good morning, dan and bianna. Kind of hard to believe that someone is wake up more than half a billion dollars richer. You can see right now the doors are locked and closed. You bet once this door is open, it's going to be all the talk. The big question this morning is, who won? Is it a person or possibly group? 370 after taxes. Nothing to complain. This is zephyrhills, a very small community about 10,000 people. Right now in the parking lot is filled with satellite trucks and local media. I ran into a couple of shoppers here that were at the atm. They had no idea that this was the winning store. Might get a small cut possibly. I want to show you guys real quick, this is a losing powerball ticket, actually mine, we're looking for the winner. Half the fun of playing the lottery is the what if moment. One person or possibly a group they have that tough decision this morning. Dan? Bianna? Only you could see instant video of them reacting to that in the news they were the winner. Thank you so much, ben. We appreciate it. And so many powerball tickets were sold. There was an 80%, virtual guarantee since every combination was in play. Now the jackpot resets to a cool 40 million bucks. It doesn't take long before that number soars. Our coverage continues with gio benitez. Reporter: This one took only 13 consecutive draws to reach record-breaking numbers. Those lucky numbers have been drawn and the grand prize winner is out there. Ending the craziest, highest powerball jackpot yet. Powerball, let's do it. We got a guaranteed jackpot worth 40, 50, 70 -- Reporter: This jackpot has been ballooning for six weeks. Stopping at $590.5 million. Beating the old powerball record. Four, five hours, people keep coming to buy. Reporter: Yesterday, in just one hour, texas sold over 1 million tickets. With sales for the day averaging a whopping $36,000 a minute. Ladies and gentlemen, please single file line. Reporter: The jackpot grew so dramatically in part because the price per ticket went up from $1 to $2 and now 43 states have the game. Plus d.C. And the virgin island. Playing a big role in the record-breaking jackpot is california. California joined the 1st of april and that made it draw even fa Reporter: The website powerball.Com, crashed directly after the drawing. There are over 230 million tickets with the wrong numbers. While the one winning ticket was sold at a grocery store in florida. So, now, it starts all over again. With 40 million up for grax. I'm thinking the more office polls we do, the better chance we have. I like the way you think, gio. Chuck, good morning to you. Good morning. Let me put you on the hot seat a little bit. Yesterday on the broadcast you said that the jackpot may very well go up, north of 650 million bucks which would have been the biggest in american history. Appears it have gone down to $590 million and we're feeling slightly ripped off. What is going on? I have to take the blame here. Normally that -- we would hit those sales. But theompeting jackpots took the winds out of the sails a little bit. The states sold more tickets due to the competing jackpots. I take the hit and I apologize for that. We came in pretty close to where we were, still a record. Not where I thought quite i mean. You mean the mega millions that was also going on this weekend, I assume. Exactly. When will we know who won the powerball? Well, that's an entirely up to the winner. Of course, they're anonymous to the lottery, we have no idea if it's one person or a group of people. Someone driving through the suburb of tampa bay. What is youred advice to someone waking up richer? What would you advise? Well, I would sign the back of the ticket, if I were that me, I would put knit an e we lope and duct tape it to my chest. Powerball millionaire with a All right. Hopefully, someone has a nasty rash that will have plenty of money to heal. Bianna over to you. Duct tape to superxwlu.

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{"duration":"6:19","description":"A supermarket in Florida sold the winning ticket.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19210817","title":"Powerball: $590 Million Winning Ticket Sold in Florida","url":"/GMA/video/powerball-590-million-winning-ticket-sold-florida-19210817"}